Jackson State University Top Questions

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The other schools that I had considered going to were much larger universities compared to this one. I like that this is pretty big school, but at the same time is small enough to where each person can get one on one help if they need it.


That we have such a rich tradition of where our fonders and past presidents have impacted our campus in great ways. One example is that most of our insturctional buildings are named after past presidents.


School spirit and everyone cares.


The diversity and the the fact my school has family values. We look after ech other and do not mind opening up opportunites for the next person. Our school sponsor study abroad programs at any four year college in the U.S just as well as out of the country. We have apartment housing, resturants, and also strores to shop at.


Jackson State University is what i consider an equal opportunity school that allows everyone to have an affordable education in the south. It's all about the future, from the technology that used for lectures and different teachings to the care and euthusiasm of the professors in each field. The uniqueness of Jackson State University is that the entire university is considered a family, from the undergraduates to the graduates, from the Alumni to the faculty and staff, from the legions to the elite, we are family. I love JSU or as you all may say Jackson State University!


What is unique about Jackson State University compared to other schools i considered is that it was the only HBCU.


JSU has ALOT of school spitit. We pretty much all support eachother especially when it comes to sporting events.


This school is an hbcu so it really stood out because i really wanted to see what kind of environment i would fin and hinestly its been better tha expected!




It has one of the top engineering programs


JSU is unique in one major way, unlike other schools our faculty and students come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. With our exchange program we have had students from Ethopia, China, Middle Eastern and European American just to name a few. Although African American is the majority on campus, we accept everyone that attends our school.


I consider my school to be very welcoming, creative, challenging, fair, liberal, and determine to help you better yourself


We are a family. We all take care of each other. Everyone know each other so when you need help all you have to do is tell one person and someone will come to you offering help.


It is in the middle of a neighborhood.


Jackson State is Mississippi's only urban university located in the heart of our state's capital. Jackson State is unique in comparison to the other schools that I considered because of the nurturing family oriented atmosphere. At JSU, there is such a strong sense of school spirit and unity. There is so much pride in the rich history and legacy that it is manifested in our academic and extra-curricular activities. This is something that I believe is rare in many schools and a quality that distinguishes my school from the masses. JSU consistently challenges minds and changes lives.