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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The first, and most important thing to do when applying for schools is to get that copy of your transcripts do not under any circumstances assume that you know your grades, a small mistake will cause you years of struggle. Keep at it and keep an open mind, don't let everyone's assumptions, opinions and closemindedness keep you down. Follow your heart but listen to your mind, if it seems too good to be true maybe it is. Don't try to be superwoman you can't do it all, yes that means you need to sleep. Sometimes the worst possible option will be the best in the long run, and sometimes it tuly is the worst, but you are smart you can do it. Dare to hope that it will all turn out right in the end and you just might be surprised how far you will come. It won't always be the way you planned but it just might be a whole lot better. Love yourself and treat people right and it will come back to you one day. Don't be afraid to have a little faith in people and ASK FOR HELP when needed.


If I could go back in time i would tell my self to turn in all information a head of time. Waiting for the last minute to turn in information can be fustrating, and cause you to wait on a response that you need to have for the upcoming college year.


Get a copy of your transcripts, and never fill out any forms without documentation.


I would tell myself to save more money, enroll in summer courses, and register early for fall courses. I would apply for more scholarships, prepare for and research more internships. I would also tell myself not to be afraid, because other people are going through simular situations. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Talk to your professors as much as you can. Use every resourse that is availalbe on campus. Visit the school's website and check your school e-mail daily.


My biggest piece of advice that i would have given myself would have been to apply for mor scholarships and learn how to balance my social life and school work. This would have helped me dramatically because I would not be contantly worried about how will pay for school and I would not be suffering academically. Due to a lackluster performance in academics my freshmen year, my g.p.a. is not where I would like for it to be. So, I'm making up for it after a year and hopefully it will get better.


If I could talk to the high school senior me, I would tell myself to value the hard work I think it takes to succeed with my high school work because it would take three times that hard work to be successful with my collegiate work. I would tell myself to take my time in all things that I do and to focus not so much on when I finish my college education, but that I do finish my college education. I would tell myself, "It is better to be the turtle than the hare."


If I could go back and speak with myself as a high school senior, I would talk to myself about the importance of one's "American College Testing"(ACT) score and how it affects your future, college choice/location, and time management. One of my first mistakes was taking the "ACT" not as early and as many times as I should and could have. Secondly, my first couple of college choices were for the wrong reasons such as: extra-curricular activities, women, social-status, greek life; instead of tutition, room and board, out-of-state fees, and/or which college was accredicted and best for my major field of study. Thirdly, I could have used my time for more academically based activities and used that time I did have more efficiently. I feel as though if I would have known these things, I would have been more prepared for college and maybe would have chosen another institution of higher learning.




Dont goof off in high school..take it seriously...cheating on tests and things of the nature will not help you in the future!..


I would advise myself to study harder and be more focused because college is totally different from high school. IN college I have no teachers reminded me to do homework or to tell me to go to class etc.


Fill out your FAFSA NOW, before JSU's April 15th deadline; they handle awards first come first served. (Go to Mrs. Smith in financial aid; she will help you stay in school). Apply for housing early so you can get the better rooms. Also , as far as academics go, learn to actually study instead of scanning pages and memorizing; it doesn't work in college! Believe me, I tried. Make sure that you schedule time to study or you will always put it off. Try to sit in front of the class; it will help the professor to learn your name and help you pay attention better. Find interesting organizations and enjoy yourself; college is also about having fun. Don't forget, there must be a balance between academics and social activities. Meet new people, but remember, not everyone is your best friend so don't act as such. You will get hurt. Be open-minded to other's ideas/opinions; you can learn a lot. Don't forget that listening is just as important as speaking. Don't wait until you are failing a class before you get to know your professors. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!


I would tell them to visit different colleges and ask about the advantages and experience that the school has in the students desired major or field. I would also say that while there they should ask random students about there experiences at the college(s). That way not only are they getting the facts from professionals there but also students who have gone through the experience that they are about to embark on.


Advice that I would give parents on helping their children have the best college is experience is financial advice... Try, please try, as much and as hard as you can to be involved in the financial status of your child while they're in school. Do they have enough money to pay for school? Are books covered? Room and board covered? Are you equipped with enough food and drink in their dorms and/or apartment without having to secretly borrow behind their family/loved one members back. Being involved like this will dramatically change the relationship between you and your child. You all will grow together and learn about the costs of your child living alone together. The same goes for the student in a way... Student, if you need help. Tell your parents, don't suffer without anyone knowing if parents are unable to help, your local church, your falculty and staff, theyre all there for advice, encouragement, and help and providing a stable living environment for you. And most importantly, dont be afraid to contact the school DEAN. Trust me.. he/she is there for a REASON. Theyve been there and done everything you're doing now.


Whatever is their major, I would advise them to attend a school that is notorious in that area.


In order for students to choose a school that best fits them I suggest that they first go visit the campus. By visiting the campus they will see how comfortable they feel in the environment and see what all the campus has to offer. Next I will suggest that the future student see how good the program and/or major is on the campus they plan to study. Their major sometimes may not be offered and other times the program may not be best fit for them. Last but not least I suggest that the student make sure that this school is appealing to them because this is were they will be for the next four years of their life getting an education.


It is most important that the student goes to college for the right reasons. They should like the environment, go into a degree that they actually want to work in, & overall feel comfortable at the college. If these things lack then college can become quite difficult.


In the midst of the digital age, the best advice I can give to a student is to research their prospective schools via Facebook/Myspace or whatever social network they're a part of. Find students who attend that school and ask them what their opinion is of it. They'll give you much more insight than any school website ever can, although school websites are also helpful when looking for academics and extracurriculars. However, for the social side of school, asking students is the best way to find out. Yes, it's important to have a social life, just remember that your main goal is to receive your degree so don't go overboard. If you can, try to visit the school as well or speak with the Office of Undergraduate Recruitement. The school should offer tours and have materials that they can send you. As far as parents are concerned, look at the material that is sent to you and see if there is a local alumni chapter that you can speak to. Their members may be more able to answer your concerns.


My advice to other students and a parents is take your time and make sure the school of your choice is will be able to accomodate all of your education needs.


One piece of advice I have for prospective college students is never give up on your dreams. I thought I would never be able to attend the private university I dreamed of going to because of the high cost. My parents encouraged me to apply, in addition to applying to a public university. When we compared the financial aid packages between the two schools, the difference in cost was not nearly as much as I expected. Don't put all your hopes in a single school. Make sure you'll be happy at least two schools. It's like auditioning for a play. You feel awful if you don't get in, but if you audition for more than one, your chances are greater. I would apply to at least three schools, minimum. See what programs are offered, and what student life is like. If you enjoyed learning about that college, make an appointment to visit. Be sure to take a camera and a notebook Ask students questions as they pass by. When you're done visiting, put the letter in a place where you plan to keep ALL the college possibilities. More letters WILL come!


Make sure its exactly what you want in every aspect that you expect.


Find the right college that has your major. Be sure that you visit the college ( take a college tour). Talk to people, alumni, etc. apply for financial aid and apply for scholarships and grants as best you can and do it early. When you get to school, make sure your stuff is straight, you do not need any surprises. Do not stall on doing homework: this is not high school. Use your time management wisely. Peer pressure is really heatic, stay focused. Above all, have fun.


I would advise parents and students to keep two things in mind when selecting a college. The first thing to be aware of is the cost of the college, relative to the value of the education. While everyone would love to attend an Ivy League school, most simply cannot afford it, even with scholarships and loans. An important thing to remember is that an education you cannot afford doesn't help you much. Secondly, I would advise students to become familiar with the colleges, so that they can make a wise decision about which school is right for them. A college will be a student's home for the next four years, so it is important to choose a college where he or she feels at home. I firmly believe that in order the get the most out of the college experience, you must be willing to give it your full dedication. Your college experience and education will only be as good as you make them. You have to be prepared to work hard and long to ensure that when you graduate, you have gotten the best education possible. Noone can succeed for you, you must do it yourself.


My advice to a parent and/or student would to be sure you are doing what you came to school for. Most students get caught up in the social life and freedom of being away from parents and forget the real reason they are in school, which is to learn and grow to become the best possible person ther can be. However, too much studing and planning can lead to a social handicap that would hender a persons ability to adjust and interact with different personalities. My advice is to study hard, work hard, and grow great friendships out side of your high school buddy that will always be there.


I am very proud to have chosen the school I did choose. Any advice I would give to students on picking the right college is to pick because it is a right fit for you. Look into the activities and programs that your choice offers and see if you could see yourself being apart of that environment. Parents should not pressure their children in picking a school because it could backfire and end up being the being mistake of their children's life. To fully enjoy your college experience you should join clubs to meet new people. There are over 180 club and organizational opportunities at my school. Just picking one activity will bring you closer to meeting new people. studying hard is also key to keep up your gpa. But also remember that you have to relax at some time so don't make your whole college experience about work. Picking the right college for you will be difficult but when you choose that school you will know it's right for you and you will be completely comfortable in that environment.


I would say to find a school that best fits your personality. You must visit some of these schools because just what you see on-line may not be enough. Check for safety measures, try out the food, and ask questions from not only the administration and professors but most importantly the students that currently attend that particular school.


There is no perfect school for anyone. Everyone has to find something that they most like about the schools they are looking at. Be patient when searching for the right school because college determines what you may be doing for the rest of your life. I also want to say not to be discouraged or intimidated by anything or anybody that you may see at a particular. There are obstacles all around us. We must see those obstacles as something we know we can achieve and once we do it, we can all look back and smile and say "Ive accomplished the unthinkable."


Choosing the right college it has to be a choice that the student makes . They cannot make there college choice based on the decisions of their friends, or girlfriend/boyfriend. In addition, students should not follow the dreams of there parents, just because there parents went to a certain school does not mean that is a fit for the child. The students should make the choice for themselves, based on what they want and need in a school, because the choice of a college is a important one that can effect someone forever. Moreover, going to campus visits is highly recommended. Students may find what they are looking for when they go and visit different schools. Once a student has made a decision in what school they want to attend, then they should make an effort to make there college years the best experience of there life. When students descend on to college campuses, many times they are lost at what to do, are often shy, and get lost in the crowd of busy campus life. To make college a memorable time the students need to find the right group of people whom they fit in with and feel comfortable.


Go whever you feel comfortable at. The environment. Try no to go to a school where you know that you might be bored because you have a tendancy to do make the wrong decisions when you're bored


I would tell parents to let their kids decide what school they want to go to. The students will be the one attending, so they should pick a school that they like. Students should have fun to relieve the stress that classes may bring. Once you learn how to balance your schedule, the rest is easy. Make sure to keep your grades up.


Its not really about the college but about the person you are. You could go to any college and have a great experience if you allow yourself to open up to those around you. This go back to the two saying"life is what you make it" and "you get out what you put in". Overall , go in postive and watch how much you get out of it.


The advice I would give to a student about finding the right college, and making the most of their college life is to make sure they choose a college that they have visited and one that will best fit their major. Enjoying the college life is a great experiment, and I would encourage every student to take advantage of that, because it doesn't come often. Get want you can, and can all that you get, and share with others.


To any parent/student, my advice to you on finding a great college is to look at the background of the school. By looking at the history of the school will give you an idea of how you or your child will benefit from the school. Another advice is to set up an appointment to where you can visit the school. By doing this you will know how well you or your child will interact on campus. Pay close attention to the academic programs and how the clean the campus is. Also pay attention to the students and faculty. You can also rate the school and compare it to the other school.


I would tell students and their families to do all their research. You should know everyting you can possibly know about the school you plan to attend. The more you know about the school the easier the adjustment will be. I would also recommend that you visit the campus so you can get a feel for the school and learn your way around.


According to William Lowe Bryan, ?Education is the one of the few things a person is willing to pay for and not get.? Unfortunately, these sage words are reflective of some and in fact depict a grave reality for many. Yearly,students enroll in schools that are not condusive to their personality which results in parents funding education that is not received. Therefore, I would advise parents and students alike to be very careful in their selection. Education is so essential to future achievements that is vital that one choose the right institution for advancement. So many times indivdiuals opt for institutions based on names and stereotypes, however, this is not recommended at all. This leads to poor decisions that could affect the individuals matriculation. Students, choose a college that is designed to accomodate you - not only as a student but as a person as well. The university of your choice will be your prospective home and it is important that you are well adjusted and that you take advantage of the opportunites that lie ahead of you. College life is an experience that will be reflected in memory for years; therefore, the decision process should be handled accordingly.


Just do it.


Just to make sure culture and diversity is a big part of campus life.


Make the best choice that you can. When you are finding the right college try to start early in high school in your sophmore and junior year. One advice is going to college having friends are the most experience you'll get with socializing with people.


I think you should research all the college choices that they feel they would like.


Visit the college, or at least speak with students online or over the phone. College is the biggest investment of your life, it dictates many things about the rest of your life upon completion. Go to a school and if you don't like it transfer because you need to graduate. It is a lot easier to graduate from a school that you enjoy.


I would absolutely advise them to begin looking at colleges at the beginning of their senior year! When they finally arrive at the college of their choice, it's important to get their priorities in order! Organization and time management is so important in college. Stay organized, attend classes regularly, get to know your professors, study hard, and greatness will surely follow!


My advice to parents and /or students is when choosing a college for you to attend research your choice. Set up an campus tour for the parent(s) and the student(s). FInd out why you want to attend this particular college and how much impact will the college have on your life. While in college enjoy your life as a college student. Make sure to study hard and have fun that will have your college years more memorable and easier.


Make sure the college have the same views and goals as you concerning your future. Ask around the campus to get a better understanding of what that college is really about. Take your time and make sure this is absolutely the right decision.

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