Jackson State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Since I am a freshman at Jackson State I cant really brag that much, but what I have seen and noticed I love my school. I am soo glad that I choose to go here. The people are nice and offer help as you need it. Also the upper classmen are really nice and give you information as needed.


The band, our education program, new engineering program, the Biology department, and it is one of the top Historically Black Colleges/Universities in the country.


The school isn't known for its dominance in sports, but it is known for its band. If you enjoy a well organized band that is well known within the area, then this is a school you might want to check into.


How the staff is really helpful.


That the my college has the number one business program in the state!!!


When I tell my friends about my school, the thing I brag about the most is the willingness of the faculty to assist students, and the energy that they bring to the classroom. My teachers are all extremely knowledgeable in their fields and will not hesitate either to provide help to a student who isn't doing as well and needs a little extra attention, or to provide encouragement and support to a student that does very well and desires to get more out of the classroom experience than the average student. I feel blessed to have such college professors.


I brag about the availability of my professors and the small class sizes.


I always mention our band, The Sonic Boom of the South.


I brag about the athletic and the greek organizations. Also the job oppurtunties and fairs that we are offered throughout the year.


I brag about the fact that our school is very research-oriented and that student morale is really high. In essence, we are one big family here at JSU, and I don't think too many schools can say that.


The overall sports program of Jackson State. We have a well developed program for a division I SWAC school. Although the schedule is very demanding we do better than any other SWAC school and that is an accomplishment and something i am very proud of.