Jackson State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?




A person who is eager and geared up to recevie higher education.


People interested in joining a community with a general student population interested in having a fun time. This school has many students that excel in their chosen field of interest, though the general population tend to enjoy just having a good time. There are always fun events from sports, Greek clubs, poetry nights to religious clubs. Jackson State University is a very lively and fun community.


A person who plans on attending this school should be more outgoing rather than introverted, the person should be prepared to be in a more "country-style" environment, the person needs to have determination, and the person should have the ability to finish everything on time.


Jackson State University is not geared towards one set ethnic group. Anybody that wants to receive a quality education should attend Jackson State. Most of the professors at JSU have a genuine love for teaching and helping their students. Ultimately, JSU lives up to its motto, "Challenging Minds and Changing Lives.




Anyone can attend Jackson State Univeristy.


The type of person who should attend this school should be eager for learning. They should have great school spirit because we have one of the best football teams in the SWAC. The person should have a great sense of the school history and dedicated to putting in long hours for studying.


I would suggest that an outgoing person attend Jackson State University. This school has a lot to offer students, they just have to go out and get them. It is not a school that is going to hold the students hand; students hear have to be enterprising people to advance here, whether it is academically or with extra curricular activities.


The kind of person who should attend this school, are those who are expecting to succeed in life and want a higher education.


Anyone who would like to live in a friendly south environment. Its a great school as far as academic wise. We also have a great band( Sonic Boom of the South).