Jackson State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are stuck up do not belong at Jackson State. Don't even think about applying if you don't have talent in anything. If you not friendly, this is not the school for you.


A person that shouldn't attend this college is someone who is closed minded, racist, or prejudice agiainist minorities.


Your freshmen year is the best time to begin thinking about your future, you certainly don't have to write anything in stone. In fact, most college students will change their intended major several times as they grow older and experience new things . I finally settled in Opera Performance, because I received a scholarship in my field from Jackson University which help my dreams come true and made it more affordable for my parents to send me to a University. :0)


People who aren't serious about attending college should not attend JSU.


A person who's unwilling to study or apply themselves in college because the only thing they are doing is throwing their money away.


Someone who isn't prepared to work hard and has poor time management should not attend this school. It prepares you for the future with no "training wheels."


The type of person that should not attend this school is someone who is not focused and mature. If a student's intentions are to attend school for social activities and greek orginizations, then that student should rethink his/her goals and aspirations.


The type of person that should not attend this school is anyone who would not like to obtain further knowldge.


Lazy, Not willing to work hard people. People who get distracted easily.


A close-minded and negative individual shouldn't attend this school.


Any people who are closeminded about diversity in schools.


People who are impatient


Someone who really is just focused on learning & nothing more & does not want to have fun.


People who are afraid to interact with people of other races, spiritual beliefs, learning/physical disabilities, or sexual orientations should definitely not attend Jackson State because you see different kinds of people on a daily basis. Also, if you can't effectively balance academics and social life, you may not want to attend.


A person that is not focus on continuing their education or is not ready to get down to business when it comes to their school work should not attend this school.


There are several kinds of people who should not attend this school. Students who are afraid of cultural diversity should not attend this school, because students of every continent are well-represented here. Students who are content to barely scrape by should also not attend this school. The instructors here love to provide all the outside assistance that a student desires. Students who are motivated and truly have a desire to learn and to be the best do well here. Due to the amount of group assignments and projects, students who fear getting their hands dirty should also be wary.


Someone that likes to just sit in their room and not mingle with others. Someone that is very shallow and not open to new things and ideas. Someone who is racist.


People that should not attend this school are those that are not coming to college to learn. They are only wasting their time and everybody's around them. People that are easily influenced by those that do not care about their education and that are weak minded should also not attend this school.


Who shouldn't attend this school, are those who are not serious about learning and those who are looking to keep others from learning.


A person that did well in high school and did well on standardized test, i. e. SAT, ACT, etc.