Jackson State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Jackson State is, personally, I think it needs some updating. The website is hard to navigate and doesn't go into a well enough description of the majors offered. At transfer orientation, I did not like how they had already made up our schedules, nor did they inform us when and where to get our IDs made. Some of the adminorstrators, financial aid advisors, etc., tend to have bad attitudes.


The most frustrating thing about Jackson State University is the fact that some of the staff members seem to not care about the students. I feel as if they work for the school and must interact with students, they could at least seem to care about how the students feel. If the staff would put themselves in the place of the students, they would probably treat the students a little better than they do.


I feel that the university needed more parking.


The most fustrating thing about Jackson State University is the finiancial aid part. Majority of the students have major problems with getting their funding right, and often many people are mis lead. In the financial aid some may b e told one thing and they end up having to owe more than 1,000 dollars to the schoool because the funding was not enough. Then the students get discouraged and want to drop out because they can not afford the schooling.


The most frustrating thing would be cost of attendance, howevr that is a national, so i guess I'd say people doing things at the last minute, faculty, staff, students. Things are not done in a timely manner.


I have to say the financial aid office waits and the admissions and class departments. Those are the most important buildings, but they are very small and not enough advisors to see over 15,000 students. I believe those buildings can be more expanded so we can fit.


I'm always financially unstable. I never have enough financial aide to get me through the school year and it's a constant struggle trying to find extra cash to help with my fee's. I currently don't have enough money for this school year.


Staff & administration act like they hate to help you.




I think that the most frustrating thing about Jackson State is financial aid/financial services. Sometimes, they get your aid wrong or mess up your student account, which takes a while to correct. Also, sometimes you have to go to another financial aid counselor (other than your assigned one) just to get help obtaining money for school. One time, I was trying to get money for summer school & my counselor told me there was nothing she could do; the second one helped me get $5000.


Financial aid and the knowledge about different grants and scholarships you may qualify for.


I personally haven't had to deal with the Financial Aid office because I'm on scholarship. I've heard from many people though that registering is a long, frustrating process because there are many, many lines to stand in, and only so many people to help you. However, if you take advantage of early registration, which takes place at the end of the previous semester, it's not so bad. That's what I do.


The most frustrating thing about Jackson State is the lack of financial aid available. Even though I am a recipient of financial aid, it frustrates me that my university is unable to fully cover many of the students that are unable to pay. Because so many of the students at my publicly funded university are awarded finacial aid, often time a good majority of students are left with balances due to the lack of resources that we are given by the government. It is my hope, that in the future we are allocated more funds to educate all students.


the most frustrating thing about this school is the finacial aid. its to where people do not want to help you finacially.


It is very unorganized and nobady wants to work. When you need something done in a timely fashion it never happens. Financial aid always seem s to take more money than they are uppose to and take so long to correct the mistake if they correct it.