Jackson State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known what major I really wanted to persue in


I wish i would have known how hard it would be to stay focused.


It's not party time


I wish i had known that their food wasnt that good before i came to jackson state because then i would have brung some food with me!!!!!!!!!


I wish I would have known any more scholarships that I can apply for at Jackson State.


Before I came to school, I wish that I had known alll the time it takes to become successful within a course.




I wish I had known the value of my time. As a result of lacking this I had issues with time management in class and on campus and as a result my gpa was affected.


Well since doing gymnastics back home for 10 years, I wish this school had some type of gymnastics program that I could have enrolled in. I always wanted to go to the olympics. I also love to act and dance. I wanted to see more theater arts at this school too. I wish the dorms were a little better with the visitation situation. But everything is not pefect but I do represent my school to the fullest. That is my dear old college home!


I wish I would have known more about scholarships.


I lived in the same city and I already knew pretty much everything about the school.


The opportunities I could have pursued. One being in the band which is now part of past since my high school days. I would have loved to have more art experience going into the graphic design field. I have learn how to draw very important details on immense techniques in class and out of class.


The only thing that I wish I would've known more about before coming to Jackson State University is the Elementary Education program. I came in as a Biology/Pre-Med major, and it wasn't until my sophomore year that I switched my major to Elementary Education, where I belonged all along!