Jacksonville University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I love my classmates, but there are very few I actually respect.


Free minded


My classmates are unique in every way it is as though we have this tight bond with one another because we are all just so open minded and heart warming to each other it feels like a bond that will last even after college.


My classmates are somewhat friendly, but yet highly competitive.


My classmates definitely know when it is time to have fun and time to be serious. When the Professor is telling a story or joking around with us after a test, we play along and understand that sometimes a lighter mood is needed to produce academic efficiency. However, when there is classwork, projects, or tests. We take this very seriously, asking questions and making sure that everyone understands the classes topic. We go as far as,making groups so that we all can learn and review the information given to us. My classmates actually care whether I pass or fail.


JU is like its own little family because everyone knows each other, everyone is friendly, and there is a sense of competition that pushes all the students toward their potential .


My classmates are everyday people just trying to continue their education and get their degree.


Dissatisfied with their choice of college.


My classmates are extremely helpful and pretty outgoing during group projects.


My classmates are fun loving people who don't take life seriusly most of the time.


My classmates are energetic, soulful, diverse, funny, goal oriented and most importantly, they are my best friends that I will carry with me through my entire life.


They are a interesting group of people. Very funny and honest. The classes are never boring.


My classmates are focused and at the same time very social.


The students at Jacksonville University come from a plethora of cities, states, and countries, yet all blend together with two common goals; acquiring life-long friends and contacts and capitalizing on all of the tools placed in front of them.


My classmats are all just here because they have to be, not because they want to be.


Conservative church going females


Supportive, they are in the same situation.