Jacksonville University Top Questions

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My school is really personable and small. Every where you go there's a friendly face and help is made readily available. I love that your professor knows who you are and can be made available to help you out with advice or assistance with an assignment. As well as all the on campus activities. There are so many different organizations to join and be apart of, there is something for everyone.


This is not even a matter of having considered other schools. Jacksonville University is my primary school, but I have, and still am, taking some of my prerequisites at local community colleges, (all of the classes are on-line). What I have discovered is that Jacksonville University has organized their online learning to be very user friendly and walks the student through any problems such as technical issues. As for their academic advising, I consider them to be top notch. They do a good job of paying attention to the individual student and keeping the student aware of their progress.


The classes are very small and personal, and there are many study abroad programs.


It is a private University in my hometome.


The college is organized and I am impressed with it's school of education even though this is my first semester here. I know that I will receive a degree that is not only meaningful but worth the time and effort. I must say that I feel at home and accepted. Originally I wanted to attend a much larger University but that did not work out and JU has been everyhting I thought I was looking for. I am from a small town and the University definitely has a homely feel to the campus.


There diversity level is one that I have not seen in any schools that I have looked at. I also love how you can step on the campus and feel like you automatically belong there. Everyone makes you feel very welcome.


Small classes give you the ability to really focus on your academic work


In my opinion, there is nothing that unique about this university. It is the same structure and has the same focuses as the other universities I considered.


The online learning environment.