Jacksonville University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Jacksonville University?


A person that should attend this school should be ready to work hard but the rewards from this school is pretty amazing. You should expect to meet a wide range of people here from all over the country and world. You should be ready to take on an internship because its required to graduate.


Well Jacksonville Unilversity is no ordinary University. It's a private institution so it's a lot smaller than most colleges and it cost way more. But it doesn't really matter what type of person you are because my university caters to everyone's needs. If you like a close community or just smaller classes in general, then this is the perfect school. If you are athletic, then you are sure to find your sport here. If you want to have the over all college experience then you will have no problem; there are numerous organizations at my school.


A person who receives a large amound of financial aid or one who is wealthy enough to afford the ever expanding tuition costs. Wonderful college of Business as well as a excellent School of Nursing.


A student attending Jacksonville University is one interested in obtaining the best education in which one can receive. This person should also be interested in attending a college that he/she would be proud and willing to give back to.


Jacksonville University is an excellent choice for students who are driven, focused, and goal-oriented. Prospective students should be ready to give their best in their studies and coursework. With all of the majors and career programs that Jacksonville University offers, as well as an outstanding athletics and MBA program, there is no limit to what students can choose as their life path. Most recently, Jacksonville University has opened the doors to its Marine Science Research Institute, which is of special interest to students who enjoy biological or environmental work.


I think people who are ambitious and very sure of how they are and what they want should attend this school. If you are the kind of person who just wants something great to fall into your lap by chance then this is not the school for you. You have to work hard and network in order to get where you want to be in life.


Anyone who is interested in attending a small school with a nice atmosphere should look into Jacksonville University. The classes are small which allows for easier chances for one on one time with the teachers if you need further help. Due to the small number of students, there is also a nice sense of community among us which makes the student life very enjoyable.


White AngloSaxon students that arent ready for any changes racial changes. Students with a great work ethic that can handle the sometimes intense work load.