Jacksonville University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


A top ranking private school located in a large city.


I consider the amount of opportunities and events available to student the best thing about my school.


I've made great friend and the cla sizes are small and intimate.


The best thing about Jacksonville University, informally known as "JU", is the student population. With approximately 3,000 students it is hard walking around and not having an idea who everyone is. Personally I see this as one of many of "JU's" positive qualities. Coming from another state I didn not expect to get along as well as I am with everyone. I honestly consider "JU" as being my home. I have grown as a person through my experiences and relationships with the students here, and I feel like coming here was the best choice i have ever made.


The weather is nice


I love how the professors are genuinely concerned about your academic life as well as your personal life. They are always willing to help you or give you advice. I also love the school spirit at my school and how you feel like a part of a big cohesive community.


The class sizes are small, because I want my teacher to be able to know my name wtithout telling me and if I ever need one on one help they would have tim for me.


I love how easy it is to meet people, because when you get to school you have to find people that you have something in common with. It will just make your school year a whole lot easier.


This school has a great repretation in the community.


The small size which allows the students to have 1 on 1 contact with professors.


The best thing about my school is how it is so personable. The campus and it's classes are just the right size. Thus causing the teachers and staff to know each student personally and spend more time thoroughly explaining everything taught in class. As soon as you are accepted, they go above and beyond to get each student actively involved on campus in their coursework and in extracurricular activities. I have loved every minute of being there.


I can take online courses that allow me to spend time with my family.