James Madison University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


JMU trains students to become active, responsible, sensible citizens who know how to have fun and enjoy life.




J-M-U wish you were a Duke Dog!!!


My school is the best place on Earth.


The love that one has for their country falls far behind the love students have for James Madison University .


Very friendly atmosphere, exceptional teachers and very fun school.


James Madison University is the ultimate school; you've got amazing professors and academic study programs, endless opprotunities to have a good time, so many new people to meet, a beautiful campus, and (most of all) dining services that are ranked number three in the nation among public state schools!


James Madison University is an escalator to excellence where very student who wants to achieve can achieve-JMU puts students on a platform from which they can catapult forward in any direction he or she may choose by supporting and encouraging students in a positive environment.


Medium-sized public university in the Shennandoah Valley in Harrisonburg Virginia where middle/upper-middle class white, outgoing, intelligent, casually-dressed, christians from the east coast study in a wide variety of well-respected majors with a high job placement rate whose main focus is getting a good degree but knowing when and how to have a good time and drink responsibly on the weekends who have abnormally loyal school spirit.


A school packed with students who are the most kindest and exhuberant people who will help anyone in their way even if they are rushing to class with 10 books in their hands.


Coming to JMU was the best decision I have ever made, everyone here is incredibly friendly and the school bleeds purple, I can not imagine being anywhere else!


Work hard, play harder.


My school was dedicated to education and helping its' students succeed and become productive members of our society.


My school is spirited.


"J-M-U wish you were a Duke Dog!" This is a completely true statement cause JMU is awesome!


JMU is an absolutely beautiful campus, and nestled in the Shenandoah Valley. Being a history major, it is really nice to be surrounded by such rich history. The campus is fairly large, and is spread out pretty much in one whole nucleus inside the city, and with this, the bus system is a life-saver if you plan to live off campus after your freshmen year. JMU is also a lot of fun, but they take education seriously, and have real, quailty professors.


JMU is the most vibrant and fun-loving university I have ever come across.


Accepting friendly environment that provides intrests for all types of people.


Friendliest most active campus in the world.


JMU encourages its students to pursue their academic careers and develop a strong sense of self within its fun, creative, and challenging academic environment.


Great school with strong academics without sacrificing a really good social scene.


There is a niche for every type of person at this school, whether your interest is art or sports, there is something for everyone here.


James Madison is a beautiful school with friendly students and staff that offers a diverse and rigorous course load.


JMU is a well-rounded school, because it has fun intelligent students that also carry a sense of values and morals without judging people that are different than them.


It is an excepting environment full of life and spirit.


My school consists of many different "types" of people, groups, activities, events, programs and most of all opportunities that come together in an interesting way that makes it both a fun and rewarding experience


James Madison University is a place where students enhance there versatility and learn to serve their future dreams.


James Madison University is an upbeat college where the students strive to be very successful as well as outgoing helping the community and supporting each other in the classroom as well as on the sports fields.


A beautiful campus with lots of friendly and academically serious students.


JMU is a friendly, easy-going environment in which people love to have fun, but focus on their studies as well.


A friendly atmosphere. Reminds me of high school.


Best school for finding a career, meeting friends, and growing up.


The best way to describe my school is that there is a little something for everybody: there's nationally ranked football for those that like sporting events, a well-known music program, a billion free parties on the weekend, enough social events to always be busy, an Honors program that excels students, and the town is in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley, giving students ample oppurtunities for outdoor adventures.




JMU is an awesome school where the people (from students to faculty to dining services workers to everyone else) are friendly and the atmosphere is conducive to both learning and having a great time when your studying is finished.


A place where you can learn more from the people and the atmosphere than you can from a textbook.


James Madison University is like one big community oozing with school spirit and friendliness, while still placing a great deal of importance on academics.


A bright colorful school with smiling faces and joy of life.


James Madison University was a great place to make friends and grow as a person, but did not push me academically or professionally.


Friendly, beautiful, strong academics and fun to be at.


A thriving school that always has something going on, and students that show their school spirit at all hours of the day and work hard at night.


My school may not be ranked at the top for academics, but it offers many opportunities for studying abroad and internship opportunities, has a friendly atmosphere, is very school-spirited, and has a huge selection of clubs to join with the chance to create a new one if you do not find the one you want.


James Madison is a medium-sized four-year university with a strong emphasis in the fields of education, nursing, biology, and business.


A beautiful campus set in the mountains of Northern Virginia, where the students are known for their friendliness, the faculty for being beyond excellent at what they teach, and the atmosphere is academic yet also fun.


My school is a great place to learn and grow while finding your niche.


James Madison University is dedicated to developing disciplined and hard working students that may one day enter the world of work with confidence and charisma.


James Madison University is an amazing learning institution as well as a place to grow and just be with friendly people and beautiful places.


A group of very friendly excited students.


This is JMU's Pool Hall. This video was taken during the afternoon, so most kids were probably in class.


This is the quad. Students hang out on the grass here all the time and have lunch or play Frisbee.