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The diversity of the student body since the school admitted male students in the 1970's. The university had been one of the leading schools to produce teachers in Virginia. When male students arrived, many additional disciplines of study also appeared. This was good for the female and the male students who attended as all students were able to pursue their interests at a school where so the diversity of thoughts and backgrounds converged to create a dynamic classroom environment. We all gained from each others experiences. This was the extra value the educational experience at JMU provided their students.


This is my dream school and so honored to be here.


JMU is an extremely large school, but on campus it feels nothing like it. The way it is laid out distributes the student body evenly and never makes you feel overwhelmed or crowded in. The school lends itself to a very easy-going, comfortable atmosphere while never being boring. No matter how regular of a schedule you keep, it seems you never see the same people twice.


James Madison has the policy that we will open doors for others, physically and metephorically. The students here want others to be successful so the enviroment is not overly competitive. Plus we have a free DDR machine.


There are so many unique things about JMU. The most unique thing about our campus would have to be the food. Eating is an essential part of everyone’s day, so the food we consume plays a huge part in our lives. The options are endless at JMU and give students the opportunity to pick something that fits their individual needs. They offer foods that are healthy with plenty of delicious vegetables and meats. They also offer options for vegans and vegetarians. Kosher selections are available as well. Students can explore different foods which is why JMU is so unique.


James Madison is a very unique school in many ways compared to those others I considered. Its beautiful and scenic location is close enough to home, but far enough away that you feel like you are on a vacation every time you visit. The variety of academic programs are on par with everything that I was looking to achieve and pursue in a career. The people there, employees and students are also some of the most friendly I have ever met.


James Madison University is such a happy, friendly school. I truly feel as though I am part of a family, or a bigger thing, at JMU. I did not see that at all at other schools. What really drew me to JMU were the campus and the people. The campus is absolutely beautiful, as you will see groundsmen working every day. The people are just so friendly and congenial. Imagine this: you're about thirty feet from the door and the person going in before you is already at the door. They wait and hold the door. Trust me. Love.


The feeling of being home, or of being friends with everyone around you before you even know them is very unique. The strong sense of school spirit and friendliness are what makes JMU stand out.


We are a very competitive school to get into and not many people realize that until they are denied admission. Our honors program at this University stands far and above other programs really pushing students to accel and offering a rigorous curriculum that is unique to James Madison. There are a vast variety of different student organizations and student leadership and involvement is very encouraged.


At JMU, there is an extremely friendly atmoshphere, high appreciation for others and a strong connection. People here ask and truly want to know how your day was or how you are feeling. Here, people want to get to know you, greet you, hold the door for your and help you feel better if you're down in the dumps. No one pressures you into doing something or makes you change who you recognize yourself to be. There is an organization, community service opportunity, inernship and job truly here for anyone to enhance their individuality and add to their success.


Altriuism. Altriuism is teeming at James Madison. If I lose my wallet, someone calls me up and tells me they've found it. If I fall off my bike on campus, 20 witnesses will not only help me but will drive me to the hospital if neeed be. It is a school of friends, where selflessness is valued above the individual.


I believe that James Madison is set apart from other schools in the sense that it has this feeling of belonging and like one is truly at home. Everyone is so comfortable here and the atmosphere is so warming. Everyone is so friendly and willing to meet new people all the time, it is hard not to fall in love with this place. From the people to the environment of the buildings and landscape, there is no way someone could come here and not feel a sense of belonging.


Though it seems cliche to say this, JMU has a truly unique environment and student body. The student's are all very friendly, kind, and helpful. At JMU you are greeted with smiling faces, and strangers will hold open the door for you and wait the extra 30 seconds it takes for you to get there. Additionally, JMU has a great campus feel, with beautiful landscaping and a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I really love living here.


It emphasized cultural diversity and was very friendly. They love community service and provided alternative spring break trips. It's very laid back but with professors who are very knowledgable in their fields.


There are many unique aspects about James Madison University. The campus is situated within the majestic landscape of the Shenandoah Valley and is built upon the solid foundations of historical relevance encompassing one of our nation's founding fathers James Madison. This university provides a plethora of educational opportunities, accommodates many diverse populations within the melting pot of America, and truly promotes the ultimate growth and development of future leaders within a variety of unique professions. Finally, the undergraduate nursing program is certainly extraordinary and the curriculum surpasses that of fellow academia.


If you value basic amenities as an undergrad living on campus, DO NOT GO HERE. Freshmen and anyone who is forced to live on campus are treated like cattle that they have to take care of. Bathrooms are very dirty, toilet paper is a commodity, and any department you try to contact treats you like an annoyance. The internet is god awful beyond reason, i.e. you can't access youtube, play any games or download any music on campus internet. Classes are nice, but the university is just horrible until you get off campus.


The orientation program is amazing for incoming freshmen and transfer students. They really introduce you to everything you need to be successful on campus!


School spirit


The atmosphere is really great. Also, there's so much to get involved in, and the school isn't out in the middle of nowhere where there's nothing to do off campus. However, the campus is pretty contained and, though it's not in the middle of nowhere, it's not in a big either. It's a hapy medium.


JMU is unique because of the cultural diversity. You are always learning. Whether you are taking a walk or in class, you are always learning as long as you keep your mind open.


Friendly, People really care.


The friendly and welcoming environment


Although JMU is a fairly large school, everyone on campus is extremely friendly. JMU is known for its engaging and helpful atmosphere. While walking to class, students are constantly holding open doors for others. It is easy for a student to go to JMU without knowing anyone else and develop life-long friendships.


JMU is beautiful. The campus has its own lake, and spends lots of money on its landscaping; which helped lift my spirits during dreadful winter finals. The people are also extremely kind. It is an unspoken law that a JMU students holds the door open for anyone entering behind them. I have had people wait around 3 minutes for me to get into the door. At JMU you feel welcomed and appreciated. The RAs and staff try very hard to make students excited to be at school and comfortable in a new environment; which can be very scary. Its Great.


Our school spirit is unrivaled.


My school reaches out to students by allowing older students to interact with with younger. Our school is very spirited everyone is always wearing the purple and gold. The campus is also absolutely amazing.


I'm going to talk specifically about the interior design program because that is what I was immersed in most of my time at JMU. This program, as well as the art program as a whole, is very unique in that it pushes students to think both practically and theoretically. My interior design education taught to me to experiment, to play, to think. We were taught that to succeed you must not be afraid to first fail and that the process is the most important part of the project. I gained a fantastic appreciation for thoughtful architecture and design.


What is unique about JMU is that it is a very high-spirited school. Everyone here seems to be very friendly and enthusiatic about attending JMU. School games really show this high enthusiased atmosphere and community of students. I would have to say that is one of the reasons I choose JMU its just such a friendly, outgoing atmosphere and I love it.


As opposed to other universities where a student's social life is dependent upon their involvement with fraternities and sororities, one's social life at JMU is separate from the Greek scene. Students have the opportunity to go to parties hosted by other students not involved in Greek life. Aside from parties JMU students enjoy being part of student groups and organizations as a means of socializing. Football interests the majority of students so it?s not uncommon to see fairly populated tailgates.


I would say the same thing. The students are warm and friendly. Everyone loves JMU and has incredible school spirit. Everyone seems happy and content and has a sense of pride about attending school here


its mountainous


JMU is such a friendly and warm-welcoming campus. Students are always willing to help other students find their way around, especially at the beginning of the year with freshmen. JMU students want incoming students to feel like part of the JMU community and offer numerous activities to make the campus very active and fun. There is always something to do on campus!


Social Life


This school has more of a liberal arts program than the other art schools I applied to. The tuition is also less expensive. I received a small scholarship for legacy at JMU my freshman year.


We're very school spirited.


JMU is unique in its sense of community and the friendly atmosphere between students on and off campus. Everyone is a friend here, especially on the weekends...haha


James Madison University is so full of spirit we literally bleed purple and gold! Everyone is genuinely friendly and will go out of their way to do something nice, like hold open the door when you are 50 ft away. Professors want to get to know you personally and want you to succeed. There is no reason to be bored here on campus because there are so many activites to get involved in. Also JMU is not a clicky school; we're very open and have a worldy view. JMU is a great place to learn, grow, and achieve!


James Madison University is really a beautiful school. There's a lot of construction going on presently, but once all that is cleared out of the way, JMU will have a fusion classic-modern feel - although I feel that there will may a stagnant divide between the liberal arts side of campus (the classic side) and the science/mathematics side (the modern side). Also, the food is super awesome. : )


low greek population, great area, small physics/astronomy department size


The school spirit at my school is amazing and everyone is overly friendly. It is a community that you can't describe unless you are a part of it.


Even thouth it is a larger school the community is still very tight.


The atmosphere. People here are extremely friendly, respectful, and enthusiastic. Its was the most welcoming university I visited when applying, and now that I'm a senior I work towards keeping the campus welcoming to new students.


There is more school spirit here than I ever imagined. I think that is the one thing that has consistently increased my love for JMU.


The atmosphere, the people, the surroundings. It's perfect size, not too big not too small and the professors are very engaging.




yasir ammar abdul-rahman is the coolest kid i know


What's nice about JMU is that it's a large enough school to have something for pretty much anyone. There are multiple student sports clubs, we have an amazing Univeristy Recreation Center that offers programs like horseback riding, water rafting, arobics, Tiebo, and massages. While you do have to pay for some things, most of it is already covered by your tutition. If you aren't interested in anything related to sports, there are endless clubs that range from current affairs to our Science Fiction Fantasty Guild to A Cappella groups that are open to anyone. Finally, don't let the tution price scare you. What you are paying for is a great education, a school that has been rated #3 in the country for best food, above average dorms, and plenty of "free" things that only JMU students are allowed to use. Like our pool hall. Free pool for however long you want, equipment provided. UREC has a climbing wall, ten raquetball courts, a large swimming pool, a hot tub that fits about 20 people, a sauna, plently of computer labs scattered across the campus, free bus service to anywhere in Harrisonburg, and so much else. And Internet fees are included in tution, so that's free too. All the Internet you can handle without any blocks or sites barred.


I have on the whole LOVED JMU! Although there are some things I would change for the most part it was a wonderful experience and I've made some really lasting friendships.


I found this through someone's away message but I think it really sums up JMU. It's the purple and gold. It's Duke Dog, Jimmy Mad, Wilson and the fight song at noon and five every day. It's 48 hours straight spent in Carrier before exams. It's D-Hall. It's HATING William & Mary football. It's walking across the Quad on the way to class in the morning with the dew sticking to your toes. It's the Blue Ridge sunsets from the ISAT tower. It's purple and gold polos. It's skipping class to hang out on the Quad in the spring. It's a parking ticket (or many) that you'll never understand. It's living on the commons in all its glory on a beautiful afternoon. It's the crazy parties that you don't remember a minute of, but still cant stop talking about. It's walking around campus and seeing smiles, people that love where they are as much as you do. It's so much more, but most of all, it's part of you. It's J-M-U, the best place in the world...


I heart JMU!