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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Football games have the biggest student attendance that I know of.


The most popular student activities/groups on campus are club sports teams, as well as SafeRides, UPB and a number of other ecclectic clubs available to students! I am very involved in my major with a location known as the Morrison Bruce Center- the MBC promotes physical activity to toddlers, young girls and older women. The Center is very active and engaged in community exercise program planning. Football is the most popular sport, the other varsity sports have their fans but never have the same turnout. Guest speakers are popular if it is a major keynote speaker of the year (such as when President Obama came one week before the election in 2008). The dating scene is non-existent: JMU is 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} girls and the boys here are either homosexual or very immature and not worth dating. I met my closest friends freshman year, as we all lived in an Honors living community together. If I am awake on a Tuesday night at 2 AM I would likely be finishing up an assignment- I am not one to go out on the weekdays. For the most part, people here party as often as they can. Fraternities and sororities do not make up a large percentage of the student body, but these individuals are extremely noticeable and it feels as though they have a larger presence on campus. Last weekend I went to a couple of bars downtown with my girlfriends and had a couple of drinks. If you do not want to drink on a Saturday night, there are typically comedians who will come to JMU, and JMU also has a movie theater that operates Wednesday through Saturday. There are also coffee shops that are open later for kids who want to hang out. When I am off campus I am usually sleeping or doing more school work.


Although we have established a reputation for being a pretty big party school that many people still haven't heard about, I believe there is so much more to offer to prospective students. People are very involved in the community and student run organizations. I have been lucky enough to participate in some really great clubs while I was here. I was the President of STAND, an anti-genocide coalition, that lobbied to Congress and raised awareness of the happenings in Sudan. Through this I met a lot of other students who felt it was important to voice our opinion. I also have taken part as a community service representative for my dorm room, an opportunity all students have to get a little more involved in helping out at JMU. There are also many honor societies that give students a chance to excel. I am part of NSCS (National Society of Collegiate Scholars) that also is a great networking opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals while working together to better the community. Most students get involved in something. Usually in dorms, everyone keeps their door open so that people can wander in and out. This is where I met my current roommates because we were all shown a really open environment when first moving in. Besides getting involved in the thriving community, there is always partying going on in the off campus housing apartments. People party during the week, and are always partying during the weekend. This is something that you will always see at JMU, but as you get older you realize its not the only thing to do to occupy yourself. It is not necessary to drink to have a social life here, and even though it helps socialize, most students would respect you for choosing not to drink or do any drugs.


There are so many groups and organizations on campus. I'm in NSNA which is a nursing group that does a lot of community service activites. I'm also involved in NSCS which is an honor society that I got inducted into that also participates in community service activities. There is also something called duke club which is pretty popular because you get the first opportunity to reserve tickets for football games and you get a lot of deals and stuff related to the sporting events on campus. There are also a lot of club and inter-mural sports teams you can be involved with. One of my friends is on the club frisbee team and she does inter-mural soccer. I was in a suite style dorm and I loved it. We had a big door with a code that we would type it to bring us to the suite where there would be four bedrooms. The people in our suite would leave their doors open most of the time and we would sometimes when someone was in the suite leave that door open as well. Athletic events are very popular especially the football games. I've been to football, basketball and softball games and they are all free for students. JMU just expanded their football stadium so it is a lot bigger now and has a TV screen and a bunch of concessions. My closest friends are two girls that were in my suite who I live with off campus now and two other girls I met in my anatomy class. If I'm awake in the middle of the night during the week I'm probably talking to one of my friends or watching TV. Sometimes on a very busy week I'll be studying but I normally dont like to study late at night if I don't have too. There are people who party every single weekend. There are parties that you could go to if you wanted to every weekend starting on thursdays sometimes but most people dont go out until friday or saturday night. I'm not involved in a sorority but I know a few people who are. I also know someone who is in a christian sorority. There are many options for anyone who wants to get involved in that. On the weekends there are other things to do that dont involve drinking. There is a mall and movie theather close to campus that the buses go to. There is also a club on campus called club guilty that people can go to who aren't drinking. The university recreation center also has activities that they do over the weekends and during the week. The have dive in movies where you go in the pool and watch a movie. There is also a movie theather on campus that shows movies that are out of theaters but not yet out for rent and it only cost 50 cents to go. Off campus you can go downtown to some of the restaurants or shops you could also go to one of the caverns close by like Luray caverns. UREC which is the rec center has a lot of weekend trips to go hiking or camping or kayaking on the Shenandoah river. There are so many outdoor activities that you can get involved in. There is also a trail that leads up into the mountains which you can drive on and I'm told it has an amazing view. I have yet to go there.


There are so many organizations on campus its almost impossible to narrow it down. We have a decent sized greek life, but even those I know that are a part of sororities or frats, that is only one of their extracurriculars. Usually they're also involved in many other campus wide activities. My personal favorite org is MYMOM (Make Your Mark On Madison). Its a leadership club and is only one semester, but is so incredibly inspiring! Ther also is a pretty big night life in appartments off campus. Its never hard to just hop on the "night bus" and find your way into a party. Most people are very welcoming, and I've been here 2 years, go out atleast 2 nights a week, and have never payed for a drink, which is nice :) I'm sure plenty of people have heard of all the bad things about JMU's party rep, but for the most part, it's really not like that here. And Springfest was a once and never again mistake, involving mostly people from other schools.


Off-campus parties at JMU are there, and a big part of many JMU student's college experience. Fortunately, there are so many other opportunities for everyone. Clubs and organizations can be seen throughout campus putting on Late Night Breakfasts, concerts, Open Mic Nights, and intermurals.


Only a small percentage is greek, so you can have fun no matter who you decide to hang out with.


That's right. That's a rock climbing wall.


JMads has a Wii.


This is the front of the sports lounge. We have pool, foosball, Dance Dance Revolution, computers, and awesome food.


One of the student lounges. I think those guys you hear are talking about video games.


Video I took of the campus lounge. It's a good place to hang out.


parties are free, open, and friendly, ive met my friends in classes and at work and at parties


My dorm expersince has nto been the best. In my dorm on my hall none of us really talk to each other. But in other dorms, i have found the exact opposite. There are many organizations to get involved. PARTYING happens often as possible. its the main way to be social.


Harrisonburg is pretty much a college town, but still has plenty of things to do any night of the week. Most of those fun things to do are also either within walking distance of campus or within a short bus ride. There are several apartment complexes of various rent-rates that catered exclusively to students. Every week, there's at least two or three different things going on within campus. We get speakers at least once or twice a month for different organizations. We have two major concerts each year (one Winter and one Spring) where our school brings in major bands or singers that are choosen by the students themselves. We've had Desmond Tutu, Tim Kaine, Sue Johanson speak at JMU. Professors bring in people to speak during classes. We have concerts put on by student bands and by the School of Music seperately at least monthly. Students get into athletic events for free just by showing their JACards at the door. People meet each other through their dorms, through classes, clubs, other groups, through other friends. Pizza delivery runs until 2-3am each night, you can actually have cookies and milk delivered to your dorm at any hour, Jimmy Jones is 24/7. There is always a party somewhere each night of the week. We've actually been rated one of the top 5 party schools in the nation by Playboy. It is possible to also have fun without drinking. There's a ski/snowboarding resort only a half hour down the road, a paintball range closer than that, movie theaters, bowling lanes, downtown Harrisonburg, endless possibilities for fun within JMU and Harrisonburg. JMU will also throw parties on campus or host events that run into the early morning hours that include food.


Most popular would be the sorority/fraternity organizations. Im not really involved with a social group besides my own friends. Yes, students leave their dorms open. Athletic events are very popular especially basketball and football. Guest speakers are fairly popular with theater being the least popular. The dating scene is very complicated with friends and romantic partners often intermixing. If I'm awake at 2am on Tuesday I'm at the Pub. Traditions that happen each year are parents weekend/homecoming. people party every weekend and for those who are 21 at least two times a week. fraternities and sororities are only perceived as being important. Last weekend I went to a birthday party and a bar. Saturday night = theater, sporting events, movies, hiking/camping. Hang out with friends off campus.


Football is a very popular athletic event but the students don't seem to come out for many other sports. Especially sports like swimming and track. I met my closest friends through some mutual friends. I've known most of them since I was a freshman and we've built such great relationships. We love to party but we also love to do other things like camping trips, movie night or lunch every m/w at dhall. Oh dhall! People tend to party Tuesday, Thursday and Friday-Saturday sometimes Sunday during football season. The pub is the tuesday night tradition probably after Happy Hour at Dave's. Thursday is Highlawn and weekends are for house parties. Bars aren't the hoppin thing on the weekend around here. I think JMU does a good job of trying to plan events for students that don't involve partying or drinking. I was involved in the Program Board and we tried to hold some of our events on the weekend so that students who did not want to drink could have an alternative. They also educate the students on responsible drinking.


FRats and sororities are not that important I still have a great social life with my friends without being in one.


Greek life is big here along with SGA, CHOICES and many others. Students do leave their doors open becuase they try to socialize and make friends, especially at first. Basketball is not very popular becuase we really arn't that good, but football games definatley get packed. The dating scene is horrible here, since there is almost a 2 to 1 ratio of girls to guys, it is very hard to find someone. I met my closest friends through my dorm and their friends. If I am awake at 2am I am either stalking facebook or studying. People party thursday, friday and sat. usually. Greek life isn't that important but its definatley evident that many are involed. Last weekend I went to visit my best friend at WVU.


JMU has a great social life. People at JMU love to party, and they party often. The big party nights are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Tuesdays and Thursdays for bars. Sororities and fraternities are decent on campus - you don't have to be in one to have a great social life/group, but you do tend to see a lot of people wearing their letters around campus. There are clubs for EVERY type of group you can think of and most love getting new memebers (and don't have any requirements). Sports, especially football, are huge around campus and provide the most fun times. Tailgates before football games begin hours before and are just a slew of purple and gold students drinking hours and hours before the game begins .. if they even make it there. While basketball and other sports aren't as popular, they're also a lot of fun to go to and attend.


i met my closes friends freshman year in the dorm, we have stuck together every since. last weekend i had a birthdya party at my apartment with all my friends. i only party on the weekends, but could during the week and also could not on the weekends. there are a lot of neeet places to hang out down town and a few things to do if you dont want to drink. there is always something going on.


Sororities and Fraternities.


I am involved in Student Ambassadors on campus who serve students past present and future. We work with alumni, put on fund raisers and community service projects on campus, as well as give tours and work to bring more and more students in. In doing this I have learned a lot about our campus and the students who attend. Dorm doors are usually left open during the day for visitors and what not. I met my best friends in my freshman dorm and have lived with them ever since. I do not know the one most popular organization but there are over 300 clubs and organizations on campus. Fraternities and Sororities are part of the school but are not the biggest part. SGA and UPB are similar to student ambassadors and do a lot for the JMU community. Football games are a huge deal on the JMU campus, during home games the campus is full of school spirit and pride.


I wouldn't say that there are one or a couple most popular groups on campus. JMU offers so many clubs and orgs that everyone finds something that they like. I find it amazing how the school offers tons of clubs and orgs that are for the most part entirely student run. I group that I am involved in is SafeRides, which is a designated driving service for JMU students on the weekends. The club is very young and only began driving last year. Since then however every student knows what it is and plenty students have used us. It is important for clubs such as this to put their names out there and to advertise heavily. A club like this not only has given me a chance to meet many interesting and cool people but also serves to protect JMU students and the Harrisonburg community. In dorms everyone for the most part leaves their doors open if someone is home. If all roommates are gone then the door is locked. Living on campus everyone is eager to meet everyone so it is essential to leave the door open to invite people in. Athletic events are popular even though our school may not have the most well known of athletic programs. In most cases, you know someone or know someone who knows someone on a team and you go to support them. They are fun events once you go and sometimes they give away shirts! Which is every college kids dream. I met my closest friends through my dorm assignment freshmen year. I really lucked out to live in a suite of five other girls 3 of which are still some of my best friends. The co-ed dorm also offered me friendship to guys, which are my best guy friends still today. If I’m awake at 2 am I’m either studying or talking about nothing with my best friends. Traditions/events every year is homecoming pep rally and the race to get you "JMU: PURPLE OUT, I bleed Purple" t-shirts. At the end of my fours years at JMU I will be happy to have all four JMU purple out t-shirts because they will serve as markers to my JMU pride experience. People party mostly on the weekends. Occasionally upperclassmen go out on Tuesdays and Thursdays also. Last weekend I played in a beer pong tournament followed by a party for one of my SafeRides members. The theme was "around the world". The next night I went to my friend Jordan's birthday party.


Student Ambassadors, Student Government Association, and Safe Rides are some of the more popular groups on campus.


EVERYONE loves the boys soccer team. Some popular clubs on campus are student ambassadors, cru, saferides. There are always a ton of people at the athletic events. I met my closest friends in my hall and also on my rugby team. Usually if I am awake at 2am, I am doing homework. Some people party every night, but most people party Thurs-Sat. Frats and Sortorities are important to the people who are in them and that is about it. No one really cares about the sororities, but the frats throw parties a lot so people go to those. Last weekend I went out 2 nights and studied one. (It was mid-term week) On a Saturday night, you can go to TDU, the movies, or hang out with other friends that don't drink. Off campus, i go to walmart or panera.


The biggest group would be the football team, with over 100 on the roster. However, I'm involved with Students for a Democratic Society: JMU Progressives and Asian Student Union. They're both, thankfully, geared towards human rights and equality, which I don't feel is a real interest point for people here. Dorms leave doors open and unlocked, mostly. Football games are huge, and tailgating is even bigger. Cool guest speakers/performers: Desmond Tutu, Lupe Fiasco, Black Eyed Peas, etc. Dating is pretty easy, but there are more girls than boys, not that it's very noticeable. My closest friends are from my classes and my old dormatory. If I'm awake 2am on Tuesday, I either have a lab to turn in soon or I'm drinking or having insightful conversations with my roommates, or any mix of those. Football Games are the tradition. There are parties every weekend, at least 3 in one night any given person can go to. It lessens when it's cold though. Greek life is not very big. Last weekend, I partied Saturday, but chilled out the rest of the time.


JMU is full of life and things to do always. There are constantly guest speakers, events, shows, movies, parties, and just random people to hang out with. It's soo easy to bond with the people around you if you are open to do so and there is always a club or organization looking for new people. If you just get out there it is easy to find people you want to know.


Dorm doors are always open and dorms are one of the most fun places to live because you'll stay up until 4 in the morning doing things you never thought you'd find yourself doing at 4 in the morning. People party pretty much Friday and Saturday and sometimes Thursday. Fraternities are a non-issue and sororities are big but not HUGE. The rumors are true, the beer is FREE at parties and typically anyone is welcome. Almost all parties are at the apartment complexes but the older students like to go to a few of the bars in town. Last weekend we had 3 kegs at our apartment and about 50 people showed up that I didnt know to go along with the 50 that I did. I loved it.


We have over 300 clubs and organization...so there is something for everyone! If you don't find something you like, our Student Organization Services office is great about helping you start a new club. About 12 new clubs are accepted every year. Only 12{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body is Greek, so it is definitely not dominate on campus. JMU is a party school but there are also a lot of alternatives to drinking on the weekends. There are always events on campus.


groups/organizations- greek life is small. If you are in it you thing you are the "Sh**," if not you think they are retarded. Club sports teams are very competitive, some like soccer are nationally ranked. Intramural sports are excellent here at JMU and provide my friends and I a lot of fun. I met my closest friends from my dorm experiences both freshman AND sophomore year. I would suggest living on campus a second year if possible. athletic events- football is always a good time. Tailgates before hand and usually some high scoring wins by JMU, almost always a playoff contender the past few years. The other sports are less frequented because of popularity or poor records. partying- it was polled at one time that the average jmu student parties once per week. I can see this being true for most people, however my neighbors seem to go about 4 times a week! non-drinking- movie theater is close, so is blockbuster. bowling alley is about 2 miles from campus. on campus has a group called "new and improv'd" which is like the tv show "Whose line is it anyway." thats pretty much it tho... or you could always STUDY (right?) Last weekend I drank on friday night and watched movies with my girlfriend on saturday night.


As far as school sports Football definitely has the dominant following at JMU. The number of clubs/organizations here is insane because there is something for everyone. If there's not, you can start your own club if you have enough people. If you walk by the Commons you will usually leave with a flyer for an upcoming concert, guest speaker, or some other kind of event. Weekends start on Thursdays and end on Sundays for most people at JMU, but it's a very "work hard, play hard" mentality. People get their work done. People stay up late writing papers during the week and stay up partying during the weekend. Guys love the school because of the overwhelming number of beautiful women. Compared to other campuses, JMU girls are smokin' hot. Girls, although you may think the majority of "good" guys are taken, you can still find some quality male specimens here without having to look too too hard.


JMU has greek life. To the people in greek life its really important, but if you aren't involved in greek life its not a big deal. The people you live with in your dorms, especially freshman year will more than likely be your friends for the rest of the time you are at JMU. JMU always has great concerts. My freshman year OAR came, my junior year Ben Folds came, and this year T-pain is coming! A 2 am on a tuesday I might be at the Pub, but I try to not make that a habit cause I have an 8 AM on wednesday. Last weekend, I worked Friday night then watched a movie with my roomates. Saturday I went to happy hour with my girlfriends and out to a few bars. To me I don't have to drink to have fun. There is a lot to do on the weekends if you don't want to drink. Campus has a movie theater that has cheap tickets. There is also a theater in town that places new releases. My girl friends and I really like have a "girls night" and cooking a lot of delish food and having girl talk. Not everyone drinks on the weekends, especially during crucial times of the semesters. People think JMU is a big party school, but you aren't a social outcast if you don't go out. I have found that a lot of upper classman have matured and the allure of going out isn't that big of a deal.


Orientation and Student Ambassadors are two of the popular groups of campus. I am involved with SafeRides. This is an organization that provides rides for students on weekends between the 11pm-3am. It's goal is to help eliminate the possibility of drunk driving and it's doing great so far. Yes, students do leave their doors open and most are very welcoming. Football and basketball are the most popular and draw the biggest crowds. Guest speakers: depends on who is speaking. Theater: a great deal. Well considering that our ratio is 60/30 girls to guys it is hard to find a real relationship here. There are mainly random hook ups or people that are just looking to have fun and not a serious relationship. I meet my closet friends through my Orientation group during 1787 Orientation. At 2am, I'm either doing work or studying. There is always homecoming that happens, purple out is really popular, block party, the annual tree lighting, things like that. People party all the time. Mainly on friday and saturday night. Frats and Sororities are on campus but not as prominent as with a huge university. I watched movies with my friends and stayed in. It was too cold and yucky to do anything else. You can go to TDU, you can go to Massanutten, you can catch a movie or just something random with friends. Off campus, it's just a typical going shopping, go out to eat kind of event.


-SGA is popular on campus -dorm doors are left open only when students are in their rooms; doors are closed and locked when no one is there -football games are moderately popular, basketball too, other sports are not very popular -people party probably 2-4 times a week -greek life is not big on the JMU campus


popular groups tend to be greek life. i am involved with cmaa--club managers association of america. when i was a dorm student i left my room door open but my suite door had a lock. football games are not popular but tailgating before them are. the other teams do not get much of a fan base. i met my closest friends from freshman year. if i am awake at 2 am on a tuesday it is probably because i cant fall asleep. people party at least twice a weekend. if i dont go out on a weekend which is rare i stay home i dont know of anything to do otherwise.




-I'm invloved in club cross country and track and I LOVE it and the people. It gives me a chance to run for fun and also compete. -Football games are really popular and are really fun/exciting -my roomate became my closet friend but I met my others through friends I knew before college started. -I'm never up at 2am on a Tuesday. I'd rather sleep -People party a lot on weekends but there many other things to do beside drink


JMU is 12{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} Greek. It's an option if you're into it, and the people in it really like it. But it is NOT something you have to do to fit in or have friends.


The biggest organizations at JMU would be SGA, student Government Association, Student Ambassadors, SafeRides, Greek life, Inter mural and club sports. I'm mostly involved in SafeRides, it is a designated driving program where student volunteers provide rides to JMU students on the weekend. Students in dorms leave their dorms open for the most part, especially if they live in a suite, they'll leave their doors open and the suite door locked. Athletic events could be more popular, we have a great turn-out for football games but not so much anything else. Guest speakers get a great turn-out because people are interested in different things. Lots of people interested in Theater and we have a great theater program. Dating scene? Not much to say, lots of casual dating, unfortunately lots of hook ups at parties, lots of couples. A good mix like anywhere, probably too many random hook ups at parties. I met my closest friends in my dorm freshman year and in SafeRides. If I'm awake Tuesday at 2am I'm either hanging out with friends or studying last minute for a test. Lots f traditions every year, homecoming, JMubilee, concerts, recycle mugs, purple out shirts, etc. People party a lot here like anywhere else. Always a party somewhere on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. Some people don't party as much as others. Fraternities and sororities are not that important, maybe 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or less involved in greek life. Definitely not everyone. Last weekend I had a party for my roommate who turned 21, Saturday night I stayed in and watched a movie, Sunday I had dinner with all my freshman dorm mates like we do every Sunday. Lots of things to do on a Saturday night without drinking, seeing a movie, staying in and watching a movie, staying in with friends playing games, work SafeRides, go to TDU where they often have comedy or bands, go to a late night breakfast, go bowling, go skating, just hang out. I live off campus, I shop off campus for food or at the mall, I've gone to the movies, bowling, roller skating off campus. JMU has some of the prettiest landmarks surrounding it off campus, I've gone up to a peak nearby, swam in a swimming hole, gone to a haunted house, gone camping, the options are endless!


Most popular groups/organizations/clubs/teams on campus are club field hockey, club lacrosse, Student Ambassadors, sororities, fraternities, Saferides, and the University Program Board. A group I am involved with is the Nursing Students Association, we have bimonthly meetings, fund raise, plan community events, and volunteer in the local area. Students in dorms leave their doors opens sometimes, it depends on if you like your neighbors. Athletic events are pretty popular, as are guest speakers and the theater. The dating scene is pretty much what you would find at every college, nobody is looking to be tied down, unless they came to college w/a girlfriend or boyfriend, have a g/f or b/f at home, or aren't a freshmen, a lot of the guys are players and jerks, and a good number of the girls are sluts. I meet my closet friends through classes and through where I live. If I am awake at 2AM on tuesday I am shopping online or laying in bed. Traditions and events that happen each year are Homecoming, and football games. People party pretty much every weekend. Frats and sorotrities aren't that important, you can still meet people if you aren't in one, BUT a lot of people like them b/c they build close relationships with a tight knit group of people. Last weekend I stayed in, I'm sick. On a Saturday night you can go to Taylor Down Under and play pool or listen to music, go to Grafton Stovall and watch a movie, go to UREC. Off campus you can go shopping at the mall, target, or the Wal-mart shopping center, you can go to the apartments on the weekend.


Some of the popular organizations are: University Program Board (UPB), Student Ambassadors, SafeRides, Orientation volunteers, Make Your Mark On Madison (MYMOM), Outriggers, Homecoming, Student Duke Club. I'm in SafeRides which is a really fun organization. Our main mission is to educate students about the dangers of drunk driving and we also provide rides home on Friday and Saturday nights. SafeRides neither encourages nor discourages the consumption of alcohol so it's nice to have an organization that provides useful knowledge and help without being "preachy." Also, the club has a lot of excited members so it's really something you want to do, not something you feel like you have to do (like giving up a weekend night to work). My suite always left our door open in the dorm. Athletic events are very popular, especially football games and basketball games. Guest speakers are also popular, we've had a lot of interesting ones this year, Rev. Desmond Tutu, for example. The dating scene is a little tough since there are more girls than guys. Still, many people have boyfriends/girlfriends. Greek life isn't huge, I think it's only around 11 or 12 percent of all students. Traditions that happen every year: throwing yellow and purple streamers at football games, Sunset on the Quad during Homecoming, Grilled Cheese Thursday at DHall.