James Madison University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


happiest place on earth.


I brag about how the water fountains are cold and that James Madison is so invested in undergraduate research.


I love how friendly everyone is to each other. The classes are hard but everyone is willing to help you succeed.


There are more than 5 starbuck's on the campus.


When I talk to my friends about JMU, I brag about how great their tutoring services are. Being a math, I need help getting through some of the difficult problems. JMU has an amazing math learning center with free tutoring services and friendly math advisors. I don’t know what I would’ve done freshman year without the supportive tutors that were always willing to lend a helping hand. It is extremely comforting knowing there were people that are willing to help you every step of the way. I would recommend JMU to anyone looking for a career in math.


We had a great social atmosphere, football games were great. School spirit was very high and the frienships made were life-long.


James Madison has some of the friendliest students; as a freshman you will feel welcomed from day one and feel like part of a community. Also, the scenery surrounding JMU is unbeatable. It is a school that prides itself on friendly students and a warm, community feeling you cannot get many other places.


I tend to brag about how well-rounded of an education I am recieving as well as the strong sense of community at JMU.


I love the atmosphere. Everyone who goes here, loves it here, and loves the people. Its a lively campus, with so much to do and get involved in. When you come here, you don't feel out of place, the atmosphere makes you feel like you belong. I also really like how the city surrounds the campus; once you enter 'JMU', that's the only thing around you, unlike some other college campuses.


The college campus is beautiful to look at as well as the nice people.


The way that James Madison University centers a wide range of resources for their students, shows the school's devotion to helping students succeed. Their library multiple levels and places to find books, borrow laptops, reserve meeting rooms, study at a desk, and have computers labs open as well. On campus there is also a health center that a student can go to and have immediate attention. Many visits and checkups here are covered with the school's tuition cost. The faculty at James Madison are also extremely friendly, and not to mention the city of Harrisonburg itself.


I like to tell my friends about our academic opportunities and excellence. I also brag about the variety of social activites constantly taking place on campus.


i brag about the excellent teachers i have and the wonderful rescources i recieve as a full time student.


that is it in the south and that it is a rural campus.


How friendly everyone is at JMU. People will say hi as you walk by. It's really refreshing compared to other schools.


I enjoy the variety of activities available to students here. There are plenty of free or cheap interesting, entertaining programs that are organized by our University Program Board. There are lots of opportunities if you look for them.


We know how to have a good time.


How everyone who goes here loves it!!!


JMU's social scene. Everyone is extremely inviting and warm. You definitely do not need to be in a sorority or fraternity to fit in.


I tell them that the atmosphere is so friendly and inviting. The campus is beautiful and has plenty of space.


They are very spirited. From the very first moment you walk on the campus, during orientation, everyone is welcoming and cheer. It is such a great atmosphere.


How friendly everyone is. The variety of classes offered, the diverse opportunities available for students and mostly, how much I enjoy being a student.


I usually brag about what i also thought was unique about JMU and that the highly energized spirit and the friendliness of fellow students. JMU is a school where pride seems to be everything. Everybody seems to love it here and love being a part of such a wonderful school. JMU is also known for its high success in academics to me it is a top school and it makes me even more proud to be a part of it ant to attend JMU.


Students are incredibly friendly and warm. My advice is to get involved in as much as possible. I love how much school spirit JMU has. Everyone really loves this school and really has a sense of pride about going there.


Fun! So much to do. Everyone is really cool.


I like to tell my friends that James Madison University was a perfect size, not too big or too small with an engaging faculty and very malleable social networking opportunities. Students there are so proud that they are a JMU student and they won't be afraid to let you know it at campus events.


How beautiful the campus is and the friendliness and support of the faculty and staff as well as other students and people in the area. Also, the food is very good!


What I brag about most about JMU is the wonderful facilites we have on campus. Our state of the art gym facility is phemonenal and UREC offers so many programs to keep one healthy and stress free. The new CISAT library is beautiful and is open 24 hrs- it is filled with windows and study rooms and is not your typical dark cave. Dining on campus is awesome and filled with so many choices from fancy Madison Grill to to pick up and go at Top Dog Cafe. JMU has something for everyone.


hot guys


Everyone is very nice here. We are known for the parties that anyone's invited to (with free beer), and welcome everyone to simply have a great time. It's in a beautiful area in Virginia, only two hours away from D.C. We pride ourselves in showing people here to great weekends and good times when they visit.


How fun it is on the weekends, and how beautiful the campus is.


I tell them about how many great people I have met and how everyone has made me feel so welcome. I tell them about how beautiful our campus is and the area surrounding it. On the weekends, there are nice parties but if you aren't into that kind of stuff there is always plenty more things for you to do!


The fact that all of the people here are so kind, accepting and positive. The campus is the other thing that I brag about, as well as the great teacher education program that JMU has.


How much fun I have


The social life and the faculty are what I brag about most. There is always something to do from attending sports events to just hanging out with friends. Even when it seems that nothing is going on, on campus organizations are hosting events all around campus. In addition, the faculty are flexibe, considerate, and open-minded. They are always open to new ideas and are considerate when problems arise with class work.