James Madison University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Slutty girls, guys with no game.


Well, the biggest stereotype about JMU is that all the students are drunk all the time. There are a lot of girls, and a lot of promiscous hooking up.


they party a lot


There are really good parties. JMU has the most STDs of any of the colleges in VA. There is a high ratio of female to male.


Everyone's white and preppy. All the girls are hot, the boys are frat boys, and we only have one brain between all of us collected. We pregame like you party every night of the week and the alcohol's always free. Our marching band can kick your football team's butt and our mascot will beat yours up. If you wear Uggs, you'll fit right in. Freshmen are stupid and gain 15 lbs their first semester from the awesome food.


That the girls are beautiful the guys are rich snobs.


The frat boys get no where with their social life after college. Some Virginia girls come here to find a Virginia husband.


It is full of hot girls, everyone is rich and dresses nice.


-there are more girls than boys -all girls are blonde and all boys are good looking -everyone wears polos/khackis -beer is free -party school


Only girls, STIs, Parties, Rich white girls.


Professors always talk about how JMU students like to consume large amounts of alcohol, which is obviously not true in all cases. There is also the one of the typical blonde girl who wears large sunglasses and Ugg boots.


The major stereotype that I hear all the time is that JMU is just a big party school.


1.) James Madison is that the only thing to do on the weekends is binge drink. 2.) Everyone is from Virginia


The idea that students at JMU just go out and party is absurd. While it is true that we know how to have fun, we also know how to do our academic work even better.


-We are a big party school -All the girls are pretty -Everyone here is only here because they didn't get into Tech or UVA


all a bunch of rich white kids


That there are a lot of really hot girls that go here.


Everyone is white. All the girls are blonde, mentally retarded, and tend to dress exactly the same. The North Face and Uggs aren't suggested wearing, they're more or less requirements for acceptance. Despite what may seem like negatives, the girls are all hot and will hook up with anyone with a penis.


At JMU, in the morning we wake up, roll over, and introduce ourselves.


Everyone thinks that all students at JMU do is party and drink. Definately not true.


A lot of people think that all girls at JMU are the same, and that all of the guys are only after one thing because of the Male/Female ratio. JMU also has a bit of reputation as a party school.


-There is no diversity


JMU is a Party School with lots of "hot" girls


There are both negative and positive stereotypes about both JMU and its students. It has a big reputation as a party school that tends to live inside its own JMU-bubble. Students are known as very friendly, open, and active. Nearly all students are involved in some sort of extracurricular. They are less competitive over grades and more competitive about who has the more hectic social schedule. The only negative stereotypes associated with the students are that many tend to come from a fairly white-washed background of privilege. Despite this, many are willing to reach out and gain an appreciation of new experiences. JMU is one of the happiest places in the world. It is known for it's spirit and its students are happy to make it known what a great place this is to be.


Everyone thinks this is a party school- granted yes, there are tons of parties on the weekend, but you there are so many other things to do if you dont want to go out (i.e. go camping, go to the Blue Hole, go see Patch Adams or Mister Belding, go see Mae or Lupe Fiasco...etc.) There are too many girls at this school-yes thats true :-) It might be difficult finding a serious boyfriend if thats what you are seeking, but there are plenty of male friends to be made and guys to date.


That all we do is party, have sex and spread STD's


The major stereotype is that James Madison is a party school full of hot women.


The three stereotypes I think of right away are: 1) JMU is a party school, 2) the girls are hot, and 3) we're a bunch of rich white kids.


1. There is a stereotype that JMU is a huge party school. 2. JMU girls are hott.


Some of the stereotypes involve the fact that we are just a stuck-up non diverse school. People seem to think that most people here coming from the upper class and we don't span across all of the population. We have the reputation for not having any guys and being practically an all girl school, which I mean can be great for guys, but girls have it a little hard. We are known for our beer being free and our parties seem to be the ones that many college students flock to.


that it is a party school, and not as good as others academically


too many pretty girls, tan, blond, slut not any dateable guys, no guy wants a girlfriend


Boys are cocky, Girls are sluts, We party too hard,


"party school" hard workers school spirted people


-we all have STD's -it's a party school -having a highway down the campus is a terrible thing -we suck at sports


Party school, lots of girls, hot girls, free beer, spirited, preppy, highest STD rate


That almost 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the JMU population owns at least one item of North Face. That almost all the girls wear Uggs, go tanning in the winter, and own Vera Bradley. That JMU is a party school.


I think there's a stereotype that all JMU students are similar and that the university lacks diversity. I also think that JMU has a bad reputation for being a party school.