James Madison University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The biggest stereotype I hear of is that we have one of the top "hottest" incoming classes. I don't think I can be a judge of that.


JMU is viewed as a "party school" in the area. While we do have a fairly large party scene, there is SO much more to the school. The professors expect a lot out of their students, academically, so the academic side is no pushover. As well, a large portion of the student body does not party, and there are a ton of on and off campus activities and clubs. We have our own movie theater where we sometimes get movies before they're released in theaters. There is truly something for everyone here!


The most common stereotype at JMU is that we are all a bunch of drunken party animals- although the house party scene and going out on the weekends is standard for many, not all students place a priority on partying. Most students are pretty studious and work hard for the grades they earn, myself included. Your personality will present itself upon entering the college scene and you will be able to find people that you click with!


I would say that JMU really does a good job of breaking away from stereotyping, and shows that whether your a huge Frat boy or a quiet computer geek, you will fit in and be treated well. I've found that even though there is a huge influx of Northern students at JMU that intermingle with Virginia state students, there are no huge cultural divides one might expect, and students share their Northern and Southern subtleties well on a daily basis. It is very culturally diverse so expect to see every skin color and every nationality. JMU thrives on being an environment where you can walk onto our campus and no matter who you are, someone will greet you with a big smile and help you on your way. Plenty of Jocks, Plenty of Stoners, Plenty of Frat Boys and Sorority Girls who sometimes take their lives too seriously, but at the end of the day there is a such a wide mix of each type of person that you end up with a nice cultural melting pot.


One stereotype about JMU students is that we are a party school and that everyone drinks and parties every weekend. Although it is true that a proportion of students do "party" and drink on the weekend, it is not true for a lot of other schools. I have many friends who do not party and I know of a lot of people who do other things on the weekend. Just because stories get around about people drinking and the parties they host, it does not mean that it is true for every student. There are a lot of options as to what to do on the weekend besides drink. Its also important to remember that although some people drink, the majority of JMU students are responsible "partiers" and drinkers. And if students party on the weekends, its not to say that they are not studious during the week. It would be fair to say that a lot of parties that happen are hosted by fraternities and some sororities, but even at those parties, the ones who host them tend to be responsible


JMU is known as a party school. The party life is great but there are also a lot of other activities to do. Not everyone goes out and parties on the weekends although a big majority of the students at the school do.


Biddies and Bro's. For the most part this is not accurate, but like the saying goes, a few bad apples... Greek life isn't as big as it is on some campuses, but the greek life we do have definately falls under the stereotype. Sadly.


Many people who do not attend James Madison University see it as a typical "party school" and tend to overlook other aspects JMU has to offer. Unfortunately, the students on campus see the stereotype of their fellow peers in the same light. Many people describe JMU students as party-ers and "biddies." Whats a "biddie" one may ask? Many students would say its the typical JMU girl: North Face and Uggs by day, short skirts and tight dresses by night. However, this is fortunately not the majority of the students at JMU. I see the stereotype at JMU as prideful members of a community who bleed purple and gold. Anywhere you go on campus, you are bound to see more JMU attire than the bookstore could possible hold. The JMU pride, however, goes deeper than skin level. It is something that resonates within the soul and spirit of every proud JMU student. I think this something that is obvious and can be seen in light of recent tragic events that have swept the JMU community. JMU is truly, a diamond in the rough stereotype.