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What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about this school is that it is not too large (~ 20,000 undergrads) so your major classes are not too large and it is possible to become close with your professors and get involved with research and projects. One thing I would change about my school is the impression that other people often have of it. I feel as though many people who do not attend JMU view the university as a huge party school with zero focus on academics. Although a party school, there are many hard-working students who go on to great graduate or professional programs after JMU. I typically spend most of my time in the Honors student lounge (Hillcrest) while I am on campus, as it is less populated than the libraries and much quieter. Also, printing is cheaper! In regards to a college town, JMU has a small downtown area with a handful of bars. Harrisonburg, VA as defined by the JMU campus is significantly different than Harrisonburg outside of the JMU campus; I would not say that Harrisonburg is a college town. There is a lot of school pride at JMU, with "bleeding purple" or being "THE University of VA".


I think really highly of JMU after spending the last four years of my life here. I have never been part of a community, where from the first day you arrive as a freshman to present day, that allows me to meet new people and find awesome things to do in Harrisonburg that I never knew about. I think the best thing about James Madison University is the passion of the student body, whether it is standing behind our university athletics, or fund-raising for an important philanthropy event. You can always expect to garnish support from the community no matter what endeavor you plan on. If there was one thing I'd change, I think I would focus on keeping the community as it is without worrying so much about constant expansion into the future and trying to build Harrisonburg into something it is not. I think as of now the student population is just right, being right around 20,000 undergrads. It is enough people that you're not constantly being recognized, but you also have a good shot of seeing one of your friends as you pass by the quad. There is great offerings for entertainment when you are not busy with schoolwork, having a vibrant Downtown with many bars and clubs. Parties are also big here, since it is an open door policy and no one ever really pays for entry to a party. We have some of the greatest school pride I've ever seen, and most people that see how passionate we are about JMU tend to agree. We've recently had controversy over some of our party behavior, but I think the administration has worked well with the student body in fixing some of the largest issues while still respecting the student's rights and decisions.


JMU is such a tight knit community. Everyone at the school is so nice and will help you out with anything you need, We are known for being such a trusting and polite school to attend. Everywhere you go people always hold the doors for you. That is a big thing on our campus I have never once had someone not hold the door for me even when I'm a few steps behind someone. One time I was walking to my dorm carrying a bunch of groceries and someone I had never met before went out of their way and walked all the way up the path to my dorm and opened the door for me without even hesitating. People on our campus leave their backpacks or JAC cards on tables to hold their spots and no one ever touches them. It would be so easy for someone to steal them but our community isn't like that. One time I saw someone leave their computer on a table and walk away for 10 minutes or more. This is not something that would normally happen but at JMU people know that someone would be looking out for them making sure no one took their stuff. Honestly I know this is hard to believe but I would not change one thing about JMU it is such a loving community and just being around the other people on campus lifts your mood every single day. I don't think JMU is too small I think it is actually the perfect size. There are about 20,000 students including graduate students. JMU is trying to expand their student body so they are adding many new buildings. I have never heard a bad statement about JMU aside from the partying aspect of it. When I tell people I go to JMU a lot of times they jump to the conclusion that I party all of the time but JMU is so much more than that. When I'm on campus I spend the majority of my time in ISAT which is the integrated science and technology building. It is a newer building on east campus. JMU is definitely a college town. Everything is centered around JMU. The administration here is great I have had amazing professors who have made such a huge impact on my education. They are easily approachable and very qualified for their jobs. President Rose is actually retiring this year so we will be getting a new president soon. This president has not been announced yet. The biggest recent controversy at JMU is the riot that occurred at springfest in 2010. Springfest is a time when there is a lot of partying and this attracted many people from out of town to come to JMU just for the partying aspect which got out of hand and a riot formed. The JMU students have been widely blamed for this incident but there were a lot of people who came from other schools or other areas which also contributed to this incident. Since this incident JMU was increased the police patrolling the area to make sure this doesn't happen again.There is so much school pride at JMU everyone here is so happy to be part of the JMU community and they show it everywhere they go especially at the football games. JMU also has an amazing food selection. I am still not tired of the food and I eat on campus at least 3 times a week. JMU was actually ranked #5 for best college food. One of my favorite things to eat are the crepes from festival. They are filled with fresh fruits and taste amazing. All of the produce and fruit are from local farms so they are very fresh and taste great. One of the major student complaints recently is that there is limited parking on campus. This is not a problem though because there are buses that run all over campus and go to all of the off campus apartments. I live off campus and take the bus everyday and it is not an inconvenience at all because the buses run very frequently. I also live close enough to campus that I could walk if I wanted. One thing to also realize is that JMUs campus is more spread out then a lot of other campuses. You can walk from one side to the other in about 20 minutes depending on how fast you walk. This isn't a problem either though because like I said buses are running constantly and they are free to students. There are buses that go to the apartments and buses that just circle throughout the campus so if you have one class on one side of campus and another class on the other side right after you will be able to get there on time.


I absolutely love JMU. Not only is it a beautiful campus full of beautiful people (inside and out), but the professors here are amazing (well most of them). JMU has such school spirit and school pride its unbelievable and something you'd have to witness or be a part of to really comprehend. The "party school" label that JMU has I have to agree with for the most part. There are a bunch of parties at JMU, and yes, many students attend them. But in my opinion, that is awesome. That we have so many students out and about that actually have a life and have a great time outside of schoolwork, and still have such great academics, I think says something more that a school where students just stay in and study. We know how to balance ourselves. There are also so many great organizations and programs on JMU campus for those that aren't into the party scene too! Also, great food :)


Dining plan is awesome, classes are fun and interesting. Social scene is great, and campus is beautiful. Student body is also extremely involved with extra curriculars.


I truly love being here at JMU. Its a great atmosphere to learn and grow in. And although we get a pretty bad rep for partying, the students are studious and work pretty hard to keep JMU academically succesful. Drinking is a big pass time here and the campus police are pretty chill when it comes to drinking (so long as you aren't peeing near the road, throwing up on the road or falling over.)


the people are friendly, the flowers are beautiful, the girls are pretty


The best thing about James Madison would be that most everyone is friendly. Its in a small city of Harrisonburg in Virginia and southern hosipiality is a signature. I would change the parking situation and also before the University expands, i would make sure there are enough room for the students (classes, housing, etc.) because right now as a nursing major it is nearly impossible to get the classes in that I need on time.


The think I like most about JMU is the community. Everyone is really nice and welcoming, even to freshmen. The professors are more than eager to help those that come to them with problems or questions. The campus is beautiful, even if the "ode d' dog food" comes with the morning mist. We have a student paper that even if it doesn't always print the most accurate news it makes for a great laugh in the opinion section. The campus is so safe during the day that students often leave their cellphones, iPods, and JACards (cards that are a student's lifeline at JMU) just sitting on tables while students get food. At night, our campus is so well-lit and heavily patrolled by the police department that nothing dangerous threatens the campus. In addition, free escorts are provided to students who need to go anywhere for any reason. But the best part of JMU, is our school pride. Every student at JMU bleeds purple and gold and we are THE University of Virginia.


The best thing about JMU are the academics. The professors are first-class and really get involved with their students. One thing I would change would be our parking situation on-campus. The school is just right as it is now, unfortunately they are expanding rapidly and it is beginning to get to large. People are generally pleased when they hear I go to JMU. Most of my time on-campus is spent at UREC or in Harrison Hall. Definitely a college town. The administration at JMU could be more helpful and clear. The biggest controversy here since I have been at school has been the canceling of 9 sports due to Title 9 restrictions. There is a TON of school pride here. The punch system for our dining is a little unusual. One experience I'll always remember is winning the National Championship for football my freshman year. The most frequent student complaints are about parking and crowded dining facilities.


JMU is one of the most beautiful campuses that I've seen. I visited plenty of schools before here and the beauty struck me. The size of the school is perfect where it's at. Even though we have almost 18,000 I still see familiar faces and I get to know people in my classes. If I tell someone out of college I go to JMU, they say wow, great school. If I tell someone in college or about to go, they say I hear there are great parties there!


Biggest controversy was students getting hit by cars while walking on campus.


I love the campus, it is beautiful. I don't think it is too big, I actually wouldn't mind if it turned into a Division 1 A. People react positively, they have heard great things about JMU and really feel it is a strong academic school. I spend most of my time on campus in the bluestone area in Harrison, since that is where my classes for my major are. The administration really depends on who you talk to. Some teachers and faculty I have met have been amazing and others not so much. There really isn't one experience, but one thing I do love is how many events go on around campus. I love walking through and seeing all these events occuring. The most frequent student complaint would definatly be parking.


The best thing about James Madison is..almost everything. The people are usually nice, the weekends are amazing, and even the classes are above and beyond. Like most universities, parking is a problem, but they are trying to change that by adding more parking decks and lots. I believe JMU has just the right number of students (a little less than 17,000), which is one of the reasons I chose to come here. One of the little things I do regret about the size is that it is not a big D1 football school. However, we are D1 AA, and have a very good team. The tailgates before football games are also some of the most fun times of the year. JMU is expanding the school size, however. They want to become D1, and that entails adding a greater number of students to the school. JMU IS the town of Harrisonburg. Unlike many other schools, JMU doesn't have a huge mainstreet or place to go outside of campus, but there is a quaint little downtown with some VERY cute coffee shops, boutiques, and lounges. There is INTENSE school pride. I have met very few people who dislike JMU, and if they do it is usually because it is too far from home and their friends/loved ones. The one thing I will always remember about JMU is the time I'm having .. I know everyone says college is the time of their life, but they don't even know what that means until they come here.


James Madison is a growing school and will only increase in its opportunities for the students in the future. I have never gotten a negative reaction when telling people that I go to JMU. On campus I spend most of my time in ISAT because that is were the majority of classes are. the admisistration seems to be very supportive of the students and want to the university as a whole to grow and advance. yes there is a lot of JMU pride. Parking seems to always be a probelm.


I love the atmosphere at JMU. It has the perfect size. I also enjoy the surrounding areas. It would be cooler to have a city nearby, but the valley is beautiful.


James Madison University is the best fit for me. It is just right in size, classes, and extracurricular activities. There is no one best thing about JMU, the students, the atmosphere, the accessibility of professors, the beautiful campus, and so much more make JMU spectacular. Lately, most of my time on campus is spent either in class or in the clubhouse. The clubhouse is free to all students and it is a place to make banners, advertisements, and posters for different clubs and organizations. It is a great place to hang out and bond with the people in your organizations as well as do something great for the campus through advertisements of fund raisers and events. The professors at JMU are always there for their students. Emails are answered within the day, phone numbers are given out, appointments and office hours are available. The professors really want to be involved in their students academic achievement. 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of all of JMU professors have a terminal degree in their field, meaning the highest degree possible in that field. I do not really hear a lot of complaints on campus. All students love JMU and when walking across campus you can always see a sea of purple and gold. There is so much school spirit and pride in being a JMU Duke.


The best thing about James Madison: The people that go here! I’m not solely talking about the students but its the faculty and staff as well. When someone told me that at JMU people open doors for you I thought it was a joke or exaggeration. False! Literally, the first time I stepped foot on campus people held doors for me. The people on this campus have certain energy: one that is specific to being at this school. Faculty is engaging and generally loves to help their students as well. Even the people who work in the dining halls have smiling faces and positive attitudes. One thing I would change: This school is just right. It is big enough that you don't know everyone. You always have opportunities to meet someone that you have never met. And it is small enough that you still see people you know around campus and around town. Since I am from out of state people don't always know what and where James Madison is located. So normally I say, "I go to James Madison in Virginia". However, when people do recognize the school they have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. They remark on how beautiful the campus is, how their son/daughter/friend/relative loved their experience there etc. Most of my time on campus is spent in Harrison hall. This is where my major is located. Most of my classes are in this building. Since I am required to work in the labs for my projects I spend after hours their as well. At first glance Harrisonburg would totally be given title," what college town?” when i was a freshman all i knew of the town was Walmart, Target and Sheetz. However, as I grew older and more acquainted with the town I found a lot of hidden gems. The downtown area of Harrisonburg may not be "city exciting" but there are plenty of quaint boutique, restaurants and cafes that ware worth checking out. The biggest recent controversy that I can remember is the SGA president resigned because many of his plans for the campus were stolen from another school's SGA. I was in Florence at the time though. I only heard about it after. J-M-U DUUUUKES! This school has an overwhelming amount of school pride. People love being able to say they go to JMU. Football games are always a sure fire way to show your school spirit and within 30 minutes of being there once will have heard 4 JMU cheers and 2 recitings of the fight song. It’s strange because most school has a lot of school pride because their athletic teams are nationally recognized. JMU is not in a huge conference and is not normally televised for such. However, I think it is because of the general student body that there is so much love and respect for this school. Unlike other big names schools that worship their athletes and athletic schedule, JMU students worship the entire student body. We love each other and are so proud to all be a part of something so special. One JMU complaint that is most prevalent is that registering for classes is very difficult. Classes fill up very fast and priority is mostly given to upperclassmen. In this case it's best to be patient and plan your entire four-year schedule ahead of time. Another option is to take a course during the summer. "Maymester" as we call it is either a four-week or 8 week course taken immediately following the spring semester. Courses don’t usually fill up and maymester can be a lot of fun.


JMU's best quality is the friendly campus feeling. Everyone knows everyone it seems.


The best thing is how welcoming everyone is. There is always a place for everyone. If i could change something it would be the way that the curriculm is set up. It is very hard to double major or study abroad without having to spend more than four years at the school. Harrisonburg is not much of a "collegetown". There is not much to do besides what is going on on campus. JMU has a ton of school pride. That is what made me want to come to the school. Everyday people are wearing JMU apparel like it is a fashion statement, and the football games are an all weekend affair. Homecoming weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the school year. I had the most fun i have ever had yet that weekend.


i like the people. i would do somethin about the meal plan. students are way overcharged. also it is impossible to eat healthy with a punch. just the right size. they say awesome. many parties and girls. the quad. def a college town. they need to learn when it is too icy to have school and not cancel sports. stop treating it like a business, start treating like a family. yes lots of school pride. you dont have to pay for beer. always remember the homecomings...beautiful.


The atmosphere at James Madison is amazing, everyone is extremely nice and genuine, and will go out of their way to make sure that you got what you needed. I can't count how many times people flash a smile for no reason. When I tell people that i go to James Madison, they always are like wow what a great school, congratulations!


JMU forces their students to be very well-rounded, and within the ISAT major, makes students do a lot of group work, so there's always a lot of moral support. I would change some of the administrative positions. It's 17,000 people, and it definitely feels intimate, but not crowded. I spend most of my time in the ISAT building on the East side of campus. The economy here is for sure connected to the college, we can use our ID cards like debit cards at most stores. The biggest recent controversy was someone getting hit by a car, because they were late to class and the car didn't see her run into the street, but she's okay now. There's a lot of school pride everywhere, but if you want to opt out of it, your friends won't care as long as you have a beer with them. James Madison has an unusually friendly staff, especially housekeeping, but also the business office, registrar, financial aid, etc. I'll always remember sliding down the ISAT hill with lunch trays on snow days!!! Students complain sometimes about each other's rude behavior, usually drunken rude behavior.


I think that JMU is just the right size for a school. It's not too big like UVA or Tech and it's not too small. There's lots of things to do on campus and off, even though the town of Harrisonburg is practically non-existent. I like the fact that there is soo much choice on what you can do around here, like where to eat, where to study, where to hang out. It's just very chill.


The people at JMU are amazing and everyone is so friendly. The northerners who come down here are at first surprised by it, and then buy into it. Probably the only thing I would change about JMU are the sports... I would have loved to go to a school with a bigger sports program. The school size is just right. I'm constantly meeting people but still see some of my friends every day. When I tell people I go to JMU they usually assume I have a girlfriend and that I'm a heavy drinking. Most of my time on campus is spent either in class or in the library, which is a great place to study. Harrisonburg is NOT a college town, but as JMU expands so do things of interest around town to students. The administration is great, but got a lot of trouble from students when they cut a bunch of our sports to comply with Title IX. There is a TON of school pride at JMU: Everyone loves it here. You'll never find a school that has more satisfied students. JMU really is not just a school, its a state of mind. That statement sounds stupid until you come here, but you'll understand when you do.


The best thing about JMU is the people. Everyone is really nice and willing to help. The orientation program is perfect and really helps freshman get into the JMU spirit. We are very proud of our school and everyone loves the purple and gold. Football games are crazy and extremely fun. It is the perfect size school too. It is big enough to have something for everyone, but small enough to treat everyone as an individual. The most frequent student complain is about the general education program, because we have a lot of requirements, but it really does help you get a feel for everything JMU has to offer and can help you pick a major.


Best thing - food I'd change- the parking situation Size is - just right, big enough you don't have to see people you dont want to and small enough you can see the ones you want to reaction to going to jmu - "that school is getting better and better academically" OR "you must have a lot of fun there" time spent on campus- Zane-Showker aka the College of Business the town- Harrisonburg is a nice city with absolutely beautiful surrounding rural areas. Most students dont even know much about the area outside of their 2 mile radius of campus and the college apartments most frequent complaints- parking spots and traffic


The BEST thing about JMU is the spirit. From the moment you walk on campus, you can feel a sense of school pride. Students sport the school colors and letters and the fight song can be sung at nearly any time, any place. People love this school, and they aren't afraid to show it. I would, however, change the parking situation. It's awful to have a car here. There are never enough spots and you have to leave home about 20-30 minutes before class to get a spot. I'd say the size of our school is just right, but we are being pushed to grow. I like that we are a medium sized school. I never feel like a number and I can walk through campus and almost always run into at least one friend. Any bigger and we might lose that close community feel. When I say I go to JMU, people always respond positively. They know it's a great school with a great student body. I spend a lot of my time on the quad in the warm weather. It's the perfect place to spend a day reading, chatting, or just relaxing. The town of Harrisonburg revolves around JMU. There's not much of a town, but there are some good restaurants and fun bars to check out. It's nowhere to vacation, but a nice place to live.


The school size is just right, but if they keep expanding to try and become a Division I school we will be too big! I spend most of my time on campus in ISAT for my nursing classes or eating lunch in the festival. I don't get to see the other side of campus, like the quad, since I started nursing school. I feel like Harrisonburg is definitely a college town, but for someone like me who lives in the middle of nowhere and it takes 30 minutes to get to town, being able to ride a bus or drive 5 minutes to Walmart or Target is great. The most recent controversy, in my opinion, was when JMU cut a bunch of athletic programs to be in compliance with the Title XI regulations. There is tons of school pride here and everyone loves Duke Dog!! Frequent complaints include the Gen Ed program, lack of parking, and lack of housing for sophomore students, since they continue to expand the number of incoming freshman and they are automatically guaranteed housing.


I love the parties here. I feel its a good size. This is definitely a college town.


The best thing about James Madison is that when you come here you feel welcome. In a school with a student body reaching towards 17,000, it is unbelievable how nice everyone is. James Madison also has a great academic reputation and is one of the more selective schools in Virginia. The campus is beautiful. Harrisonburg is a college town located in the Shenandoah Valley, and everything students need is a short bus ride away. The biggest problem is availability of on-campus housing/parking, but that doesn't stop anyone from showing their Madison pride.


The best thing about JMU is the pride/school spirit. I would change the amount of parking spaces (MORE!). The size is just right. Most people seem impressed when I tell them I went to JMU. I spent most of my time on campus in class, the dining halls, or Carrier Library. Definitely college town. There is TONS of school pride. I will always remember how weird I thought the FROGs were at freshman orientation when they were having us chant "J-M-U Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukes" but then towards the end of my time at JMU I chanted it myself with my friends down in the Caribbean on Spring Break so all the other Spring Breakers knew where I came from! Frequent student complaints: parking, hills on campus, short amount of time to get from one class to the next.


The best thing about JMU is the friendly atomosphere. Everyone is always polite and pleasnt. I would definitely change the parking situation on campus. I would also change the dining system. I feel that if students have extra punches at the end of the week, those punches should be converted into their dining dollar equivalent and added to the students dining dollar total. I spend most of my time in the library, whether I'm doing work or wasting time in between class by going on facebook. The biggest recent controversy is definitely the on going problem with title nine that eliminated a lot of JMU sport teams. There is a lot of school spirit/pride. Everyone loves to get "pupled out"


There isn't really just one best thing about JMU. The food is amazing, the people are friendly and the atmosphere makes you fall in love with this place. I love the fact that people open doors and everyone can answer your questions and not think that you are an idiot. I'd say that I'd have to change our reputation for being a huge party school. It's hard talking about this school without someone asking how the parties are and gawking at the fact that our beer is free. There is so much more to do here than drink. Compared to some of the major universities in VA, I have to say that JMU is just right. There aren't too many people and it's not to small either. We have enough to make it our own community and love everyone that is in it. People are usually very happy that I go to JMU. I usually get the "wow that's a great university" and they take pride in the fact that I go to such an established university. I spend most of my time on campus in class, hanging out with my friends in the dorms or doing things around. The campus is so eventful in itself that it's hard to say where I am spending most of my time, because I am always doing something different. Well, it is a college town but it's not a huge college town. We have our college nightlife, but it is def. lacking in some areas. I like the JMU administration, but I do think that they could have done something different when it came to the Title 9 cuts. The biggest recent controversy on campus would have to be the fact that we are starting to get a rep. as a huge party school, or maybe the fact that our ex-SGA president used another school's platform as his own. There is a ton of school pride here. Everyone owns something purple and gold and they aren't ashamed to wear it. It's nice to be around when there is an Orientation event, because everyone is decked out in the colors and singing the fight song. I would have to say the most unusual thing about JMU is the fact that a small cup of grapes cost more than a whole combo of food. It's not your typical unusual, but it's ridiculous. I'll always remember being a First Year Orientation Guide. JMU has one of the best orientation program's for first-year students and it really made me appreciate this school, and look at it in a different light. Students complain most about not being able to double punch on weekends, the food being too expensive, the weather, and about parking and the parking services people. We pay $172 dollars for a parking pass, you think that they would have enough parking for all of us on this campus, but nope. It's a race to find a parking spot, and good luck finding one in the peak hours of the day.


-The best thing about JMU is the people, it really is a friendly campus, everyone is very nice and polite. -If i could change one thing, I would change the athetic program, it'd be great if we were a D1 school for football and basketball, like a virginia tech. -I might make the school a little big bigger, but i'm happy with the size overall -people are usually impressed when i say i go to jmu -i spend most of my time on campus in classes -small college town, not a whole lot to do -admininstration overall is very good


jmu is getting too big. jmu isnt a big deal where i come from. i spend most of my time at showker. harrisonburg isnt receptive to being a college town. administration is out of touch. there is some school pride, not as much as a bigger school. frequent student complaints are parking, not being able to get into classes


The people are the best in the world


-Best thing is the people. They ALWAYS hold the door open for you and are SO friendly -I'd change double punching on weekends! -I love the size. I don't want it to get bigger. -I spend most of my time at TDU or out on the quad on nice days -There's so much school pride and i LOVE it -Overall I love the teachers. Some of them remind me of college students which is cool because I can relate better to them.


The best thing is the sense of community here. It's a big school numbers wise, but it doesn't feel too big at all. I see familiar faces everywhere. There is also tons of Madison Pride!! GO DUKES!!!


The best thing about JMU is the people, most of the students and faculty here are very friendly and eager to help and serve others. We show that in a variety of ways, from holding doors to giving away free alcohol. We are also very involved, there are hundreds of organizations and everyone finds their niche. If I could change one thing, I would make it so it was illegal to smoke on campus. JMU is the perfect size, it is not too small, you don't know EVERYONE, not EVERYONE knows your business, but you still see someone you know every where you go. When I tell people I got to JMU, I usually get a good response, that they've heard good things. Occasionally people tell me what a party school it is, and I simply say it's like any other college, and I don't drink, if that says anything. I spend most of my time on campus in academic buidlings such as ISAT, if not academic buildings, eating! If not eating, in the SafeRides office. College town, Harrisonburg wouldn't be much without JMU, although there are lots of unknown secrets! JMU has pretty good administration, students have a lot of say, it feels like a student-run campus. We have some great administators that are so personable, and others you barely see. The biggest recent controversy on campus was probably title 9, last year when they got rid of a lot of male sports to be proportionate to our female, male ration. We have a ton of school pride! Purple and gold is everywhere, lots of people go out to the football games, nobody cares who we are compared to or if other schools think they are better, we are outstanding students who stay classy. Lots of things are unusual about JMU, we are the only school to have a main road, a railroad, and a highway run through our campus! It's unusual to go to a party and not have to pay for alcohol apparently, we have an unusual design to our campus, with buildings that are classic bluestone, traditional red brick, and modern white brick. One experience I'll always remember is mudsliding down a hill in front of my dorm freshman year, good times! The most frequent complaints will be about the expansion of our campus, some don't think it should get any bigger because it's perfect!


The best thing about James Madison is always seeing someone you know everywhere you go. I would change where you could punch and where you could use Dining Dollars! JMU is the perfect size. People react in a good way, a lot of people are alumni, or say what a great school James Madison is. I spend most of my time walking, or taking the bus getting to classes. Harrisonburg is a college town, just go to Wal-mart on freshmen move-in day, you'll see. I haven't spoken personally to JMU administration, however I think they are doing a great job. The last biggest controversy I believe was the fake i.d. scam?? There is a ton of school pride, everywhere you look there is purple and gold. One experience I will always remember is coming here for CHOICES and it was freezing, snow and ice covering the ground, I told my dad no way, I'm not coming here, I'm so cold, absolutely not, but by the end of the day I had fallen in love. The most frequent student complaints, are not enough parking, and where are the buses?!


The people are the best thing about JMU! Our campus is known for it's enthusiasm and politeness (holding doors, smiling). I think the size of JMU is perfect - it's not too big where you just get lost in a crowd, but too small where everyone knows your entire life story. On sunny days - everyone on the Quad - playing frisbee, studying, hanging out, or sun bathing. On rainy days - I like Taylor Down Under (TDU) or Airport Lounge (APL) for studying, watching tv in APL, or playing board games, watching open mic, or grabbing a drink from Java City in TDU. I think the JMU administration is very helpful and hands on. During freshmen move in day this year, I saw many of them rolling up their sleeves and helping move students into their dorms. I think they care about us as much as our professors do. There is a TON of school pride; I don't know anyone who can't belt out the fight song on command. One experience I'll always remember is the first night freshmen year when I met my RA, my Orientation Guides, and my suitemates (who are my best friends). I think it was a momentous night since we were all nervous to be away from home for the first time. Also, we had to play an icebreaker where everyone had to give themselves a nickname and we still refer to some of our friends by the nicknames, so it's pretty funny. Lack of parking is probably the most frequent student complaint.