James Madison University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


In order to thrive at JMU an individual should be confident, open to diversity, and always willing to hold the door open for the next.


I think James Madison is a place for everyone. I think people who are spirted and passionate would really love it her. There is a place for everyone. With over 200 clubs and orginazions there really is something for everyone. If a student does not find a club that they think they would enjoy, they can go to the Office of Student Activites and create a new club. We even have a squirrel chasing club!


There isn't a single "kind" of person that should attend this school. It's an extremely ecletic environment and I'd like it to stay that way. I can't imagine anyone coming to JMU and not being able to find their niche. There are communities of people for every demographic and a very wide range of interests.


A JMU Duke is a person that embodies school spirit, outgoing, friendly, success driven. A Duke is a person that wants to make a difference in their community and the environment. A Duke has to be nice enough to hold the door open for someone that is 5ft away. If you are a person looking for opportunities, a home away from home, a great education, and to belong to community of outstanding individuals, JMU is the place for you.


Friendly, outgoing, looking to make friends. Being genuine and well-rounded are two of the main things admissions is looking for in a prospective student. It is a medium/large school with a small school feel. Everyone here works hard and plays hard.


Someone who should attend this school is someone that is willing to work hard. They must show an extreme effort and work ethic in order to succeed. Also, someone who is bright and optimistic and enjoys meeting new people should go here.


Anyone could attend this school, because it is so diverse and welcomes new comers. Also if you are school spirited and enjoy being at JMU it also makes for an ice breaker.


Someone who is a fun-loving and hardworking person. Someone who has the responsiblilty to do the required work but can also find the time to have fun, make friends, and party. Generally, the student body is very friendly towards each other and you can talk to anybody without fear of rejection. Most students here do drink and party on weekends so if you do not agree with that you may not have the ideal time.


JMU is a very school-spirited, laid back school with both excellent academics and social scene. It is considered a big party school, but there are so many other options for those who don't party to still be socially active. JMU is for everyone who likes to work hard and play hard.


A person who would like the feeling of a small school with the opportunities of a large school.


James Madison University is perhaps the most under-rated school in Virginia. It's general education and major/minor programs are very challenging, and students must be willing to work hard for their goals. Students who strongly consider JMU should have an open mind to the multitude of opportunities all over campus and in the community of Harrisonburg! There are about 18,000 students that attend JMU, so it is definitely not a small school, however it also isn't overwhelming because of all of the programs the university does to get its students involved!


The kind of person who is active and interested in learning. JMU is a very social school and outgoing but welcoming to all types of students. Those who are truly wanting an all-around experience should apply becuase there are so many opportunities for those who take advantage of it.


An outgoing, nice, tender, and career-driven person. If you're looking for great internships, it is probably best that you go to a school near a city because this is truly out in the middle of nowhere. DC is two hours away. Charlottesville: an hour. Richmond: two hours. New York City: 6 hours.


The kind of person who should attend James Madison University is someone who is friendly and is straight from high school. A person who is open-minded, smart, diverse, and is middle-class would fit right in and would be very satisfied. I would recommend someone who is dedicated and ambitions because this college offers numerous academic and career opportunities. The students at this college like to have fun doing recreational activities and are very committed to their education. A person who is balanced and always takes their future into consideration would be perfect to attend James Madison University.


A person who is ready to learn and have a good time. Someone who doesn't care what other people think about them.


Someone who enjoys interacting with various amounts of people and has a lot of school spirit. JMU has a reputation for being a nice campus because everyone is so friendly and excited about their school.


An open-minded individual who wants to get the most out of the last few years of his/her youth and prepare for a career




The kind of person that should attend this school is one that is academically driven. Though JMU has had a reputation of being a "party" school, it is becoming more academically competitive, producing students that have established exciting and important careers. Also, a future JMU student should have pride in their school. The JMU community is very tight-knit. Friendly, academic, and open-minded students are encouraged to apply.


The best part about JMU is the people. Everyone at JMU loves being a Duke. There is so much school spirit here!


Students who are looking for a good education but are equally interested in the social aspect of college. People who really flourish at James Madison are those that are very outgoing and love to get involved. Partying is also a major part of the social scene, so students applying here should keep that in mind.


Someone who is outgoing, fun-loving, wants to learn but also wants to enjoy going to college.


Tough to say really. Definitely wouldn't recommend making any college decision without visiting. JMU finds the middle ground on so much of what there is that it's hard to classify what kinds of people will like it. Classes range in size widely, as do the dorms.


JMU is a great school for many types of people. It offers lots of activities to students both on and off campus. Sororites & Fraternities are really big but there is a lot to do if you choose to not participate in them. There is always something to do outside like hike, camp, bike or ski. Anyone who wants to be near the city should not come here! Harrisonburg is a great place to go to school but it is very rural.


JMU has a lot of different people on campus so almost anyone could fit in, but it is mostly made of caucasian people from the East coast who are wealthy. JMU is also largely female and is famous for its ugg boot, north face, and verra bradley wearing girls. So if you fit those you will definetly fit in here, but if you don't then there are still places for you.


The person that should attend this school should be someone who is serious about their future, but who also wants to gain friends and become a kind of family in any organization.


You should enjoy interacting with others as well as meeting new people. You should also be open-minded to all points of view and care about your future.


The student population of JMU is filled with motivated, outgoing students. Most students are involved in one or more organizations. Many have voluneered on relief trips or throughout Harrisonburg. Many are also interested in their personal health, taking full advantage of the Unitersity Recreation facility.


Social, spirited.


Students who want a balance of work and social life.


anyone could fit in here


southern, nice, blonde


Kids who are well rounded; by that, I mean that JMU stresses academic discipline as well as a healthy social environment. The students here are fun, engaging, and responsible. Our motto is "be the change"; it's an organic atmosphere and it's a pleasure to be here.


A person that is looking to enjoy campus life. Most students work hard during the week and have eventful weekends. Students should be willing to partake in campus activities, and dedicated to "bleeding purple and gold". Students at James Madison enjoy going to sporting events and supporting their team.


Some one who is outgoing, loves school, wants a school that is extemely spirited, involved in the community, and medium-sized.


I think anyone could really attend JMU. The majority of students, including myself are preppy, intelligent, and very social, but there are many students that do not fit that description and still manage very well. The overall environment is very accepting.


Any kind, as long as you are willing to work hard to achieve your goal.


Outgoing, fun, lively, ready to work hard to earn good grades, but also know how to unwind and have fun. We love sports and activities here at JMU, and our football team won nationals 3 years ago and we're ranked number 2 in the country right now. We have a TON of school spirit, so someone that loves representing the most amazing university would fit in well here!