Jarvis Christian College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about school is the school spirit. Jarvis may be a small school, in a small town in North East Texas but the school is full of school spirit. The students are really involved in all the sports and the staff is very supportive as well. Students really get into the games and get involved with the atheletes. Students do an amazing job of making sure the atheletes feel at home and welcome and appreciated and their support is definitely a big help. Makes it a great experience to be a Jarvis Bulldog athlete.


One thing I like about my school is how they support the fraternities and sororoties. That's a serious case at this school. The main thing about the fraternities and sororoties is that they pretty much set standards for all the other students. They maintain good grades and show love for one another which is something everybody should do more of. They are something that a lot of people want to be apart of which is actually positive.


The best thing I consider about my school is the fact that you feel like family. Many adults welcome you in with open arms and are very helpful when it comes to personal and school problems. This is a big support system.


The best thing about my school is the teacher and student interactions. The teachers really show love and concern for the students.


The best thing a bout my school is that its not to big which makes it easier to learn. Another thing about my school that i like is that everybody knows each other and are friendly. Also i am a manager for the womens basketball team and i like being that because i get to travel with the team and that actually takes the stress away.