Jefferson College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Jefferson College know before they start?


Start college right away and take basic core classes until you really know what you want to do for a career. Don't let your or your parents financial situation dictate on when you start college. There are plenty of resources. I am 42 years old and started college last year. I did not start college after high school because I thought that my parents could not afford it. My parents and I did not realize that there are so many ways to get help to pay for college. If I had it all to do over again, I would not hesitate about going to college and would have done research on how to get help to pay for college.


Self, you and I need to have a chat! I have completed three semesters of college level work and along with this accomplishment I have learned a few things: things I wish I?d known my senior year of high school. I want to give you this advice: use the resources available to you. The Writing Lab is invaluable. You and I have a learning disability, that?s not to say we?re stupid, it says it takes longer for us to process written language and to write it. The Writing Lab is available not to do the work, but to proof read and give advice on the editing process. Use the technology of speech recognition; it?s faster for us, you will not have to think about which letters go in which order for each word. Your thoughts will flow allowing the final product to be concise and orderly. The Writing Lab will give us the ability to review grammar and sentence structure with a competent person. Remember what our goal is? To obtain a degree in Outdoor Education; this will give us the opportunity to share the wonders of remote locations with others.


Christina, sleep more often; it is more beneficial to your mind, body and soul than worrying about the financial aspect of college. You will attend a community college and reap the rewards of your academic endeavors. Though you fear the separation you face from you high school friends, know that it is for the best. You will reunite with them periodically and make new friends and have better adventures in college. You are fully capable of doing the coursework and will easily earn an Honors Diploma. Relax and enjoy the waning days of your adolescence.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself in high school I would have alot of things to say to myself. The first thing would be that college is expensive and to get a head start on saving up for tution. Books and classes are not free like they are in high school. So stop blowing off your paycheck for stupid things you won't even remember or care about later on. Another thing I would tell myself is that your social life and popularity isn't everything. Friends grow farther apart after high school and move on with their own lives. It gets harder to keep in touch with them. Friends come and go, but family is there for you always. So the people you really need to be spending time with is your family. You don't relies how important they are until they are gone. The last thing I would have to say to myself is to enjoy being young and stop trying to grow up so fast. You don't relies how good you have it being a child. You have less responsiblities, less bills, less stress. So enjoy it while you can!


Jamie, advice only means so much because in the end only you can really put it to good use. My first piece of advice is to save. Your grant will pay for most of your college tuition but you also have to buy books, school supplies, gas, and believe it or not, food. If you don't save now, you will really have to scrape, scrounge, and work very hard to afford all of the things you need. And it will take a toll on other aspects of your life. My second piece of advice is to take it slow. I know you want to get out of that small town and see the world but you will miss it more than you think. Don't rush into things you know you aren't ready for. My third piece of advice is to work hard. High school is a comletely different place from college. It may seem the same, but if you don't prepare now, you won't be ready for the difficulty of college work. My final piece of adivce is to stay true to yourself. Just be you and things will work out.


Apply for scholarships! Study and be on task. Be in class on time, and always take notes. Be ready come test time, and get some sleep. Don't stay up late, when there are tests the following day. Always complete the work on time, don't let your study time be involved with other activites. Do your best. If you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask the instructor. Never be afraid to talk to the instructor after class if you need to talk about something. Believe in what you're doing and don't slack on the work.


I would tell myself that finishing school and going onto college is the best thing for me. College classes will help me get a better job. It will give me the tools to work with. I will learn a lot more about a position that I am looking for and help me be prepared for that job. I would tell myself that going to college is smart and it will head me in the right direction. I would tell myself that the teachers I have had would help you as much as they can and that they are very caring about how I am doing in college. I would tell myself that college is not as easy as it may seem, but it will be worth it once you graduate and get the degree. College has changed my life and made things seem real. If I had known this early on I would have started back when, and would be somewhere in life now. Going to college is very educational and very helpful for when I go for a position that I really want in life. College is lfe changing. College is a big part of my life. Jeana White


Don't worry about it. It isn't going to be as bad as you thought it would be. All that stress about entering the college community and what that would entail apparently doesn't apply to this collage. It's nothing you have not already experienced. Also, try a little harder that first year, because you'll feel silly if you don't.


Do the work now. It is much easier being a college student when you are younger than when you are "non-traditional student."


If I were able to go back to high school and tell myself as a senior what I know now, I would have made myself take dual enrolled classes for college credit. Knowing that I could have completed college credit courses while still in high school and I didn't act on the opportunity really bothers me. I could have been done with my Bachelors by now and been on to working on my MBA. I would have also told myself to save money while I didn't have bills. When I was in high school money for college wasn't a big concern to me like it should have been. Now that I'm paying for college on my own I wish I would have saved more before.