Jefferson Community and Technical College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only bad thing about JCTC is you can only go as far as an associates degree. You get so aquainted and use to the small family-like campus that you love and then have to go to a bigger, larger campus. But I would still recomend this college to anyone coming out of college.


The worst thing about Jefferson Community and Technical College is the support system for students with a problematic professor; one is asked to first bring forth all complaints to the professor himself, possibly irreparably ruining the relationship between professor and student and potentially damaging the student's grade.


The worst thing about JCTCS is that some people see it as an "easy" school because it is a community college. JCTCS requires the same amount of work that goes into a degree at a four year college. Community college is a way to choose a degree and begin working towards a suitable career.


I am only attending Jefferson community and technical College for prerequisite for the University of Louisville. I feel that JCTCS does not do a good job in letting you in on what it takes to get to UL. They lure you into getting your associates degree.

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