Jefferson Community and Technical College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about JCTC is the small, student-based campus. You don't have to walk or tram 2 miles just to get to class, it is small and everything is close together. I love that I started out here, it is a great place to begin your college career. All the proffesors and advisors are very welcoming and warm, you dont feel like an outsider or mistreated. I would recomend JCTC for anyone coming out of high school!


I consider the ease of picking a class schedule to be the best thing about my school. You are able to take morning classes, afternoon classes, evening classes, weekend classes, or online classes. This works out extremely well for me because I have a busy work schedule, as well.


I would say the best quality about myself woule be the fact that I try to get along with everyone. I find myself turing an uncomfortable situation into an enjoyble one. When meeting new people I am never shy to start a conversation and be warm and gentle towards them. I feel that anyone can be a friend; I like to interact with new people as well when they're new and try to make them feel welcome. I mean its always nice to meet new people when going to a new school, new job or new place of residence.


I would consider the small class sizes the best thing about my school. The small class sizes help students get more one on one time with the instructors thus helping them excel in school. I learn a lot more easily when instructors have the time to help me.

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