Jefferson State Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Jefferson State Community College? Why?


There is a lack of selection of courses to take at my campus. Most are offered at another campus that is 40 minutes away.


Jefferson State keeps a good amount of teachers that are just there to collect a paycheck. I have had a few teachers that give me attitude if I have a question and only give handouts reading off of a projector and not even really teaching.


For me, it is the location. I live about an hour away from the campus I attend. Other than that, there is nothing bad about the school at Jeff State. The students are friendly and every teacher that I have had are serious about their jobs and their willingness to teach us, the students.


The worst thing about Jefferson State is that it isn't a four year college. If it was a four year school I could afford to attend it because it is very close to my home. Since it is not I will need to transfer to another college and most likly have to move closer so I can afford to pay for my education.


The worst thing about the school I attend is lack of campus involvement. Other schools I attended had so much to offer through campus involvement and academic clubs as well as social activities. Though there are certain ways to be more involved through the school, it is very limited and more of a hassle than a help to further your education through learning experiences outside the classroom.


I believe that the worst thing about Jeff State is its age. The school is about forty years old and needs to be transformed into a 21st century college.