Jefferson State Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Jefferson State Community College?


Anyone who does not want to pay an excessive tuition amount for the prestige of a school when they can pay a fourth of the amount each semester and get the same, if not a better education in most programs.


A person that wants to get a good strong degree in something that they enjoy doing. That also doesn't want to pay an arm and a leg for the education they recieve.


Jeff State is good for anyone. It is affordable and they have several campuses. They also have a variety of majors along with a varied teaching staff. If a person is looking for a two year degree, he can complete it at Jeff State. If he is interested in continuing his education he can transfer to a four year college.


Any person who wants to have a higher education and doesn't have enough time or money for a four year intitution. should attend this school. These people want to better themselves or to start preparing for a new career.


Jefferson State is a melting pit when it comes to cultural backgrounds. The people and admins at this school are friendly and want to see you do your best. I must say that anyone could attend this school as long as they are willing to work, pay attention in class and be punctual. The atmosphere is typically laid back, but the work can sometimes be rigorous. One must study hard and keep a clean head to do well at this community college.