Jefferson State Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would gove my highschool self about college life and making the transition would to be to actually go through with following your dreams as opposed to going along with where you were pressured into going. My origin intent for college was to study at the University of Montevallo where I felt like I would truly discovered what I wanted to be and would be able to mature into the adult I knew I was inevitably becoming. Due to financial set backs and the pressure from my parents to stay at home and save money on student loan debt, I made the decision to stay behind and do as I was advised. It was my own fault; I have no one else to blame but myself. I would advise my past self to work harder on getting scholarships. Now I actively volunteer and do things for my community to give myself a better chance at scholarship opportunities. I am finally taking control of my own life: i should have done this in high school.


I would tell myself not to worry so much. College is a lot more fun and interesting than people make it sound. Yes, it can be stressful, and it is a lot of hard work, but it is more than worth it. You will learn a lot about yourself as a person. Your views on some things will change, and that's okay. You will meet a lot of different people, some of whom will challenge you and others who will become amazing friends. You will have some incredible, unforgettable teachers who will help you learn, who will shape your views, and teach you things about life beyond just what's in your textbooks. However, you will also have some teachers that aren't so great, but it's okay, you'll still pass thier classes. Just work hard, and you'll make it. Don't be afraid to try new things. Don't pass up opportunities because they scare you. If you say yes, you just might find that it will be one of the best decisions you've ever made. Start studying for Scholars Bowl now, please. You might could've helped me earn more tropies that way!


I would tell myself to forget about the boy and stay in college! I would tell myself to quit procrastinating and get my application in on time to the school of my choice, University of Florida. Though I didn't know what I wanted to do at the time, I regret not staying in school and experiencing college life. The classes, friends, football games, etc. I am pretty sure my life would be totally different had I stayed in college. I might have been able to begin my dream career earlier in life. I might be financial secure by now. But, instead, I am 31 years old and I don't have much to show for my accomplishments. Which is one of the reasons I am back in school. I want to set a positive example for my daughter as well as gain knowledge that will help me in my real estate career. For me, it's no so much about money, but instead it's about knowledge and education. I never want to stop learning. Being educated and always learning something new is what keeps life interesting; otherwise, life gets stale and mundane, and I don't want that.


What I have got out of my college experience is that I am actually learning information that is in the course that I am in and hope to take a different approach once I receive my degree. I am currently taking classes online because I am a single mother that wants the best for my child. I would like to get a degree in a field that I am already in so that I can take care of myself and my child. I want the best for her and I want her to be proud of me for going back to school after 10 years. I also want to show her that having an education does matter in the world today if you want to make it.


Since returning to school in January 2010 I have found my college experience to be very enjoyable. I had been considering a return to school for many years, and felt that now with my children older and almost ready to start college themselves was a good time for me to do so. Although intimidated initially and not at all sure what to expect, I have found that the years of experience I have gained whether from work, family, friends, or society has allowed me to be more prepared as a student. Meeting other adults just like me returning to college after a long absence and building friendships. The value in returning to college serves two purposes for me: first, I am continuing my education because that is what I wanted to do, not only will it provide me with growth but also the advantages to be successful professionally; second, I want to be an example for my children, as they get ready to enter college, to show them that if one wants something bad enough and with hard work and dedication one will achieve.


I would tell myself that even though its my last year of high school, it is the time to work even harder and not goof off like I did. I should have looked more into scholarships, because I make good grades, I just didn't apply for scholarships that I know I could have gotten. I would tell myself that I need to make better study habits, because in college, that is all you do. Another thing I would tell myself, which is the most important, I need to stop focusing so much on the present, and want I want now, but more on the future. The only thing I need to focus on in the present, is what I want to make of my future.


don't let yourself date! boys only will bring you down, and distract you from your goal.


There are so many important things to worry about in high school, even though you don't realize it. The future comes fast once you graduate. You need to be preparing yourself for the long road ahead. Life is fun, but it is not always easy. College has so much more freedom, but also, it is a place where every move you make counts! College will be some of the best years of your life, but do not go in to it thinking it is going to be a party. Be ready to be the best you can be. Be ready to make time for yourself and your studies. Be ready to make something out of yourself. Don't let the freedom get to you, you still have a responsibility to pass your classes! Have fun, but be smart.


First of all Past-Me, enjoy your final year of High School. You will definitely miss some of your friends! Secondly Past-Me, do NOT procrastinate on anything! It will make your life miserable before it makes it incredible. Trust me. It is NOT worth it! Thirdly Past-Me, make some new friends early! There are hundred of people in the Jeff State student body who are fun and entertaining. Most of these students are willing to help you with anything you ask, not to mention that some of them are pretty wild. They will make your life more fun and adapt you to a life that you have not previously known! That is all that I can tell you, Past-Me. Oh, except for one other thing - watch out for Mrs. Bailey. She's a doozey! Good luck and best wishes, and have fun touching that wall!


I did not go to college right after high school. I thought it was a waste of money. I would go back and explain to myself how many opportunities I would be missing in the future due to my lack of a college education. I would talk about how knowledge is something than can never be taken away from you. I would convince myself that going to college was very much in my best interest,


I would give myself the advice to do everything to the full extent that i can. Give my all in everything that i do. From playing football as a senior when you know your team isnt the greatest but that its your last year and you have to give it your all. In the classroom that i give it all to pull out the grades even higher than i did and study with all my mite to get what i deserve doing all i did through school. Getting more involved into activites outside of school more than i did already. Making sure that i didnt make any bad decisions and changes somethings in my life that would have a better turn out if i didnt do. Making sure that i keep in good touch and a great realtionship with all my friends, family, teachers and above all GOD! Make sure that i knew then what i know now that God is in control of everything and my life has turned out the way that he wanted it to and if something was going to happen that was bad he would always be there with me throught everything.


Of course I?d want to tell myself the road to the future is hard. Realistically I would inform myself less important things, than school and how difficult it?ll be I would tell myself lighten up. Enjoy your life stop trying to push everyone around you away. Life?s hard to life if you do it alone. It is even harder when you push them all away on purpose. Yes, people will turn on you and sometimes it will be rough but experiences are worth it. You will make lifelong friends if you just let them past your walls.


RING! RING! The classroom doors open and all seniors rush to the gym for the first pep rally of the year. The last year ever of high school and my mind lingers nowhere in the perimeter of the classroom. A year and a half later, I sit reminiscing on the immaturity of my thought process of my senior year. Assuming that I could go back to my first day of my senior year and give advice to myself, I would have plenty to say. I would advise myself to focus on school a little more than the cute boy sitting behind me in science. Education is a precious gift that should be valued. I would beg myself to see that it is important to work hard in everything I do. I would also remind myself that nothing worthwhile is easy or free. It takes hard work to reach the goals that we treasure most. I would also advise taking the ACT, SAT and financial aid processes seriously. Growing up is intimidating. Learning to study hard and have help from adults is something that I would repeatedly remind myself of during my senior year. Lastly, work hard, but have fun!


If I were a High School senior again, I would make certain that I applied for many colleges and many scholarships and not procrastinate. I highly suggest not procrastinating on homework or doing well on the SAT and ACT either. Look into High School extra-curricular programs as they DO help colleges make decisions for your acceptance. A college education is very expensive and having the money is the most important thing, making sure that you are funded for college will help you not stress as much while you are attending college and that WILL make it easier to achieve good grades. Know that moving far-away from home to attend college can be very emotional and can affect your decision to attend a full 4 years; so, be willing to be away from home for very extensive amounts of time. Don't take going to college as a joke, it is crucial to prepare and apply for, I would even suggest getting ready for college your junior year of High School; if I could go back in time, I would.


SLOW DOWN. Take time to really try to grasp the information that is offered in each course. Sometimes you will learn more about life than the course, but there are an infinite number of learning opportunities. Listen, not only to the instructor but also to the other people in the class. Take the time to really understand your assignments and complete them to the best of your ability. Do not settle for a C, when you can push a little harder and make an A. Use this time to not only learn about academics, but also to learn about people. Why do they behave the way they do? How can you develop and grow into the best possible person that you can be?


I was excited to move away to college and ready to be away from my family and classmates. I chose a school that was 4 hours away. I looked at the good side of the school. It was an hour from the beach. I was jazzed to go. However, I didn't talk to students who attended that school. Once I received a scholarship, I was set. That was a major mistake on my part. Three weeks into the semester, I was drowning. I had to take 17 credits or lose my scholarship.I'm not a very outgoing person. I stayed isolated in my dorm room for 2 weeks before I was allowed to come home. Once I came back, I took the rest of the semester off then started at community college. I had wasted time and money because I didn?t look at all sides of the school. Now that I?m ready to transfer to a school that I am really ready to attend, I can't afford a full year of schooling. I am frantically searching for scholarships to cover the money that I squandered since I made an ill-informed decision 2 years ago.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior I would tell myself to reall relax about college. Teachers have toled me all my life that college is almost impossiable to get into. This had caused me to worrrie that I mite not beable to attend because of my parents income being very low. I would tell myself that it will all turn out fine. There is all ways a way to attend college if a person really wants to. Also I would tell myself yes, college is very challanging, but don't worrie you will have more time to complete my assigments and will be pushed to become a great student. Finally I would tell myself that I will enjoy the experiance of meeting new friends at college. Since I came from a high school of about 500 students I knew everyone, but now at college I have pleanty of people to meet and learn from.


High school is just a stepping stone into life. People make such a big deal about high school and ones social stature. I have learned now that this is completely irrelevant. I was so focused about where I stand in the social order in high school I lost focus on what really matters. I would tell myself to better prepare myself for college by learning better study habits, and focusing on important issues in life like money mangement and self efficientcy. I would tell myself to do better in the area of time management, as this proves to be one of my biggest faults in college. This is not to say one should not have a good time in high school. There is nothing more important than to make good, honest friends. My final message is that it does not matter if you were team captain of the football team in high school, its irrelevant in college. The people that you laughed at in high school, will be your boss in the near future!


I graduated high school in 1995 and only completed a year of community college before dropping out. I have just recently returned at 31 years of age. If I could revisit my 18-year old self I would advise myself that the transition to college life is a lot easier at 18 than at 31. The reasons I did not go away to college and summerse myself in that life because at that age I was scared. However I have learned that the value of an education earned in those years supercedes the sacrifices it takes if waiting til one is older. After ten years experience in the corporate world, I have learned that having a degree presents itself with better opportunities than without. Also, when I was 18 I didn't have a house payment, utilities payments and a 40-hour work week to contend with on top of attending class and studying. I would explain all this to myself and give the encouragement that I needed at that time to overcome the fears and worries that held me back from completing a four-year degree.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that life is work. In order to make a good life for yourself, it takes a lot of dedication. I would tell myself that the transition from high school to college will be easier if you work hard and study now. I would also tell myself, that there are more important obligations out there beyond video games and the Internet. A good nights sleep is an important part of being successful and procrastination is the enemy. I would say, the hardest part of work is getting started on it. Most importantly, I would tell myself the fulfillment of doing well is a powerful feeling.


I would tell myself to be at least half way sure on what major I would like to follow. Also, be determined to get an A in every class, do not slack on any work or tests. Strive to be the top of my class!


The advice I would give to myself back as a senior in high school, is to stay focused on the big picture. When I first attended college I found myself having a great time. The freedom of being on my own and the advancement into adulthood really catapulted my time in college. I found myself in brand new surroundings, diverse student life and alot to take in at once. Yes, I learned from my classes, but found myself with a fuller focus on life outside of class. Knowing now that it takes submissiveness, not just the desire to learn and grow to get all you can from your learning experience.


I would have said to stop procrastinating. When I was in high school, I procrastinated on a lot of things from homework, to studying, to college applications, and to scholarship enteries. If I did not do this, I probably would have been in a four-year school.