John Brown University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is know for several areas - the construction field, the education department and the area I am in - renewable energy. In the lst few years they have added this degree and built buildings to accomodate classes. We are currently building a wind turbine. It's great.


JBU has a strong Business College and a vibrant Graphic Design department. The Christian atmosphere is comforting. I take advantage of the compassion in the instructors. They care for their students and want us to succeed.


John Brown University is known for having a strong Christian community and for providing students with the tools they need in order to do what God has called them to do. JBU is also known for being very diverse in people and cultures as well as being known for being a good spring board into the career pool.


Winning the 2005-2006 NAIA Division I National Basketball Championships


It is known for its great programs, such as Art, Music, and Business. It is also known for its beautiful campus.


My school is best know for it's friendly people. It's also one of the few Christian colleges that offers an Engineering degree. Students are known for loving ultimate frisbee and wearing chacos.


My school is best known for its community. We have specific visit days for incoming students and the ones who end up choosing JBU always say that the community of the campus is what got their attention.


JBU is probably best known for its diversity. There are all kinds of people at JBU, from all different backgrounds . The staff are very accepting to every race, religion, and gender. JBU staff are great about encouraging us to travel and see the world first hand, instead of through a television. They help students from other countries come to the states and be able to attend JBU and to improve their lives.