John Brown University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is a small school in which you can make friends easily. It has a relaxing astmosphere and people kind and loving. The professors are always there when you need them and they will help you with whatever you need help on.


I enjoy the comaraderie with fellow students. I have friends in my field that I study with and friends from various other fields that I am friends with and have fun hanging out. I appreciate the small size of the campus and number of students. It helps you feel connected to the other students and to the staff


The personal growth possible there, the friendships, the academic challenges and ability to know professors and the subjects in which you are interested. There are also a great deal of academic and extracurricular actvities for a small to medium sized school.


I would brag about the beautiful campus that Missouri Southern has to offer. Our campus is expanding to add more and more beautiful buildings, planting trees and shrubbery to make the campus beautiful and helping the enviourment, and making it a wonderful place to study both inside and out. Our campus is not over crowded and is very spacious which gives people enough room to study and not be bothered when they are trying to study.


That the classes are compressed into 5 weeks instead of 16 so we only take one class at a time.


It is a place where the people really care about me. I care for my friends and we are like family. The instructors are personable and go out of their way to help us. The school really searches to find scholarships that may be applicable for me. I feel that I am appreciated and am important here.


About how we won the National Championship only a couple years ago and it was the first championship in any sport here at John Brown


The professors


My class sizes, overseas opportunities, and professor interactions.