John Brown University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you want a positive atmosphere, caring professors, and a beautiful and walkable campus John Brown is the place to go. It is a Christian college so someone who wants to party-hardy should not sign up unless you are attending the satellite schools as they don't have the same standards as the actual college does.


A person who is a believer in God who wants to serve others would be a great match with JBU.


They should probably be a christian otherwise they would probably feel out of place.


A person that seek the Lord everyday. Someone that wants to be surrounded with a positive enviorment. Someone that wants to be surrounded by loving people.


Someone who is interested in building deep friendships in a close community, interacting closely with professors, enjoys a small town experience, is interested in learning how to make an impact for Christ in any field, and wants a wholistic, well balanced, liberal arts degree.


A Christian who has and wants an open view of the world, wants to learn in a faith-based way, yet not blindly follow one's faith.


Someone who is looking for a safe place to have honest discussions about who they are wanting to become with both faculty and peers. People who are willing to live in a tight-knit communtiy of support that sometimes can have a small-town feel to it. People who desire to have lots of fun, growing experiences.