John Brown University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Everyone is welcome here. You don't have to be religious to be here. Everyone is friendly and can find friends easily.


John Brown University is a Christian College. I wouldn't recommend this college for a person who is wanting to experience the party scene. Each person is required to complete one bible study class, so someone who is offended by this should not attend this school. This school is about twenty miles away from bigger surrounding cities with more recreational activities, so I wouldn't recommend it to someone who wants to be able to go out to eat and go shopping without having to drive to a bigger town.


Their isnt really any type of person who should not attend this school. Missouri Southern is full of people of all different races, religions, and lifestyles. Everyone is treated equal which makes this school such a great place to be. The instructors, students, and all of the facility are wonderful and no matter who you are and what your situation is you are treated the same.


Anyone that is liberal, from the city, not a Christian, too modern, or very career-minded.


I think this school is very open to everyone. This school is small and a tight-nit community. If someone likes the big city or tons and tons of people, it would probably be better for them to choose a large university. This school is also a well rounded school, so if someone is looking for only getting a specific degree, they might want to consider a vocational school.


Someone who does not care about self-improvement or discussing political or controversial issues.


Don't come here if you want to be treated like an adult.


A person that is serious about wanting to learn. A person that is looking for small class sizes and a cohort that follows you throughout your acadmic career. A person that is looking for friends that last a lifetime.