John Brown University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about John Brown is that freshman have to park at North which is like almost a 5 min walk. Its also frustrating having to walk in the darkness sometimes. Theres sometimes nothing to do around town and the stores close early too.


The Freaking "Rules"


The professors who come to class unprepared.


You are required to live on-campus for 6 semesters...and the housing options suck.


The cost is way too high. The school spends money on stupid things that should be spent elsewhere. The financial aid department does not do a good job of letting us know how we can get more money, and doesn't tell us when we need more money to pay for school. They need some improvement.


There are times when the campus gets really dead, so it is hard to meet or become friends with people. It can make you feel disconnected and is hard when you first get there because you struggle with homesickness. And it is frustrating sometimes how close-minded people can be.


Some of the chapel speakers were a little on the boring side.


The most frustrating thing for me, personally, is the money. John Brown University is a private school, and therefore, is very expensive. My family recently returned to the States after living in Poland for 5 years, and my dad is still searching for a job. Apart from this summer, I have not had much of an opportunity to save up money for school, so our resources are very limited. I love the academic and social aspects of JBU, but often feel hindered because of the finances. It would be a blessing to learn without such great financial constraints/worries.