John C Calhoun State Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give my high school senior self would be to focus more on ACT/SAT'S. Know for a fact your likes and dislikes, so that you know what you want as a career instead of waiting until college to figure that out. I would tell myself not to be affraid of the unknown for that is the best part of life because when things are rocky they tend to end better than they started. Never ever give up on anything just because one person tells you no. I would have also told myself to sketch a lot more than I did to practice my technique because the art world is nothing but competition; who can be the most creative with unique skill, emphasis on unique. The last thing I would tell myself back then would be to embrace who and what you are fully and wear it with confidence because originality is what gets you places by making people unable to say no to your greatness.


I decided to go to Calhoun Community College so that I could stay at home and save up money for when I transfer to the University of Montevallo. Last year, as a high school senior, I felt that I was not ready to move away from home and do things on my own. Now, I realize that I am ready and would have been ready to go straight to a four-year university this year. I want to be part of a college community and I don't really recieve that at Calhoun. Yes they have sports games and plays and a few activities but it is never advertized when anything is and if something is advertized, people don't really go. I also intended to go to Calhoun for 2 years but Calhoun's classes that are in my major would only allow me to go full time for a year and a half. If I were to talk to myself as a high school senior I would still go to Calhoun, I would just tell myself that there is not a large college atmosphere and that I cannot go for 2 years.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior and tell myself what I know now, I would tell myself to slow down and take in your high school experience. Live every moment of everyday to the fullest, because college and high school are a lot different. I used to rush myself to get out of high school, and now all I wish is that I was back in high school. I would tell my high school self to take more chances and have fun, join clubs, do more school activities, and enjoy my friends while I still have them. I always missed out on so much in school that I regret all the time, and I wish I could go back and do it all over again. So, if I could go back and tell myself to enjoy life as it was then, I definitely would.


GET A JOB! Paying for college is a feat within itself. I would also have told myself to apply for scholarships much sooner than I did before. Also to add that, it's always a good thing to buy your books at the same time finals are given. I would also tell myself to find a partner to go in with just because it would be easier that way.


There are many things I wish I knew as a high school senior that could have made my life a lot easier. However, the most significant advice I would have given myself is to always be true to yourself and be yourself no matter what the situation. If I would have lived by this advice my senior year, I would have worried a lot less about what other people thought of me. Now that I am more mature, I live by my own advice.


If I could go back in time and conversate with myself as a high school senior, I would have a totally different outlook on college. I would tell myself that going away and leaving everything I've ever know is okay. I would reccomend moving to somewhere where I know very few people, so I could start fresh somewhere without already knowing everyone I interact with. I would have taken the scholarship that i recieved to the Universirty of Alabama. I would tell myself to push and strive to my limits for scholarsip opprotunities. I would really apply myself in the matter of sorting out where to attend and have visited more colleges my senior year. I would have applied anywhere that I had even considered going to college. I would have spent a lot more time in my councilor's office looking for colleges and scholarships that applied and worked for me. I did not know what to expect from college. I would tell young, naive me to really search for what I wanted from a college and find just the right one with assistance from others. All in all, I would advise myself to research other colleges.


Going back in time to give myself advice, I would tell myself to not give up and go straight through college full time. I would tell myself how hard it is now to go back to school with a 6 year old daughter, no husband or family help, and financial difficulties. I would explain how important education is important for your financial future, family life, and is all around very helpful in life itself. I would tell myself to focus on my school work, not boyfriends or a new car. Education is the key to success in life; do not miss the chance to achieve it while you are still young. Make small goals and when I achieve them, make bigger goals and keep going to get the best education that I can.


Dear Self (minus a year), Hey man, I know you are just about to start your senior year. It is real exciting and you do not want to take the time to read all this, specially since you are starting at a new school. You know I/you have thought about it a lot lately, and here is some advice before you get too deep. To begin: turn back as soon as you can! The new school is great and the people are definitely nicer, but please stick it out with those jerks in your home town. You will really miss out on some great times, and otherwise you will not see those friends you have distanced yourself from again. Secondly, it is OK to be afraid of what will happen when you just be yourself, but do it anyway; do it proudly, there will be more rewards than punishments. Oh and before I forget, those grades really do matter so do not put off studying because video games look more fun. Those will still be there, but the grades have a dead line. If nothing else, remember this: be all you can be, Dad really is proud.