John Carroll University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


John Carroll is best known for their caring students who contribute to the community in service and in using their education for practical application rather than simply regurgitating from a text book. They have a very good reputation this way.


John Carroll University is best know for its outstanding business program, commitment to social justice and community service, as well as deep-seated Jesuit values. It is a university dedicated to encouraging students to be agents of change in the world. It provides numerous opportunities to get involved in community outreach activities and service trips that promote understanding of differences and compassion for all people.


My school is best known for its undergraduate studies in business and education. Personally, I chose this school because it has proven to pass 98% of the students that take a teacher's license test. My college is known for preparing their students for their future careers in their fields.


The school is best known for the business school . It also known for the academically challenging courses and majors.


This school has a great brick campus with a lot of tradition. Its big for a "small school" and has a great reputation. If you want a good school academically with a good reputation, but still want to have a social life and have fun, this is a great choice. It also offers a good religious environment thats not overwhelming. Cleveland is close by and theres plenty to do in the surrounding area.


Catholic Jesuit