John Carroll University Top Questions

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THey push volunteerism hard !!! Evryone does service at some point before they graduate.


John Carroll feels very friendly compared to other schools. It seems like everyone knows each other, and the professors really seem invested in their students. Students are treated as people, not numbers.


JCU is a liberal education. You experience an engaging and personal education there. You have the opportunity to enroll in the honors program, which I did. Teachers are approachable and knowledgeable. The small classroom size helps you receive one-on-one attention. The school is in a great location--a suburban setting but with access to downtown Cleveland which exposes students to arts, culture, food, and more.


Very close, family oriented community.


Catholic and has many core classes


John Carroll has very close ties with the community and with the businesses in CLeveland. It is said that in CLeveland employers will choose a JCU grad over a candidate with similar qualifications who went to a different school because they know JCU provides a quality education and that candidate will be a well-rounded individual.


Unique to John Carroll is the size of the classes and the religious affiliation. A few other schools I considered were the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, both larger state schools with large class sizes and no religious affiliation. I am very glad I chose John Carroll because I feel I am better able to excel with the help of my professors. It is very easy to get help on homework if you need it and they are always there to help. I don't know if I would have done as well at a larger school.


Its size and location provide a unique experience for students. It is small and suburban, yet allows students to stay connected to the city of Cleveland. They get the benefits of living in a nice community with all the opportunities offered by businesses such as the Cleveland Clinic. Students have access to internships in their field of study without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of city life/


The school's size allows for a level of intimacy that the other schools I considered did not offer. Yet it never feels too small; there are always things to do or places to go to get away from one part of the campus.


What's unique about John Carroll is that it offers a direct hands on experience for people in the communications programs. I'm involved with the radio station at John Carroll, and John Carroll gives myself along with other students the opportunity to broadcast sporting events, and the radio station also gives students the opportunity to have their own music shows as if they are actual DJ's on a commercial radio station. John Carroll also offers real life experience with the school newspaper, "The Carroll News," which gives hands on journlism work to prepare students for journalism careers.


the size of my school and the locaton.


John Carroll has a great Business program. It also has great programs for Science majors.


The size of the school. It is small, which means smaller classes and students and professors get to know each other more on a personal level.


the education is realy good, theres alot of technology to use, and there are alot of research opportunities (even at the Cleveland Clinic).


Many different social groups where one can find others like them.


The campus is incredibly beautiful and the teachers are really interested in helping you succeed.