John Carroll University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how I will get a great job after graduation. I am confident by having a degree from John Carroll and making the right connections with others who attended the university, I will land a great job.


The small size means that I have much closer interactions with my professors. Some of my friends at big state schools never even met their professors, while at John Carroll my history professor got the entire class tickets to a pre-screening of a new, relevant movie and then offered to pick anyone up who needed a ride to the theater.


I brag about the rigor of the business school, and how much better it is compared to their school.


I love the food in the dining hall. We always have really good pizza and hamburgers, but everything else changes- we have stations for international, comfort food, and other items. They serve some really amazing food and desserts, like a bowl filled with cotton candy with ice cream and sprinkles on top. We also have an ice cream machine with four different flavors, and two of them rotate every few days.


John Carroll University is a wonderful diverse institution that helps all of there students in various way. The Alumni are very giving and also very encouraging to the students. Professors want their students to succeed in life and they tend to give them all kinds of access to them via office hours, home phone numbers, and cell phone numbers. John Carroll is a world known prestigust institution that puts out a product that produces in the world we live in. John Carroll is the place for people who have goals and dreams that can be accomplished.


When you graduate, it is a very well recognised school


There are a lot of great aspects of John Carroll. The camous is beautiful and it's in a great area. The school has a good reputation and the classes are challenging. I love the people here, they are all very friendly and the school is a good size, none of the classes are too big, you don't have to worry about getting lost in the crowd. If you are ever struggling the professors are more than willing to help you succeed.


The ability to have fun at my campus while playing football and enjoying all of my friends company while still enjoying the college experience and havng class


How good of a school it is. The professors are willing to work with everyone and are friendly, the student body is friendly, just an overall great place to be.


It is a very academically strong school with lots of opportunities.


I don't brag about my school. The only thing I talk about is how much i study.