John Carroll University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person that should attend this school should be incredibly driven with an impeccable work ethic. It would be more beneficial if the person knew what they would like to major in.


Someone who wants to get a good education while still having fun. A person who is compassionate and diverse.


Those that are serious about their education should attend this school. Because of small class sizes, professors can afford to pay more personal attention to students than in larger schools. This means students have to be serious about their work and laziness will not go unoticed by professors. Smaller class sizes have enormous benefits over those of larger sizes at large universities. Professors can meet with students one-on-one and help them from falling behind. John Carroll also provides a rich social atmosphere for a wonderful college environment.


Someone who is comfortable in a small school setting. John Carroll is small and inviting, but for someone to truly be happy they must be comfortable recognizing the majority of people in their classes and in the dining hall. While it is open to other faiths, being Catholic makes it easier to practice your faith as it is a Jesuit University.


If you want to attend this school, you must be a person who is open to new ideas and ways of learning. You have to be willing to work hard every night to ensure your success at the end of each semester.


career driven person who really knows what they want in a job and life


A sincere individual with hopes to learn a great deal of useful information should attend this school. He or she should want to expand their mind for no reason other than to benefit the human race is some way(s) in the future. This person will have already realized that life is quite short and, therefore, that the knowledge and experience of this caliber will prove invaluable throughout his or her life.


Someone who is willing to work hard but play hard. They should be the kind of person that can deal with stress because reguardless of what you're involved in, the course work is challenging and they have to be willing to put quality work into it.


People who are stuck on themselves.


Rich kids who love jesus.