John Carroll University Top Questions

What should every freshman at John Carroll University know before they start?


Live in the present. When we attend college, we can get so focused on future plans and possibilities. Who am I? What do I believe in? What career should I pursue? What are my passions? These questions are important, but should not be your exclusive focus. Utilize the opportunities you have right now. Looking forward can be so blinding, we can stop seeing what is all around us. Do not limit yourself to the activities that fit into your "plan." Step an inch outside of your comfort zone— you may be surprised by the outcome. Attend those events you are not sure about, take a class outside of your major, talk to people beyond your group of friends, and challenge your own beliefs with new experiences. Life does not need to be prescriptive; it can be dynamic and ever-changing. Define your path by your experiences now, rather than by the choices you make to accommodate your future.


If I could go back in time I would have stayed in school . Life is so hard without employable skills and no certificate or degree. Times are financially hard,and a degree can take you far in this life. Without a degree it is hard to finacially take care of my children. We often go without ,I am so embarassed that I can't take cae of my children. Christmas is especially difficult because we have no gifts ,but we do have food. I have sacrificed taking care of relatives children . In doing so I was not able to take care of my education. Now I find it almost impossible to take care of my own 2 boys. My children and I are hurting because I did not complete college before I decided to have children. It is not easy being on Welfare,or S.S.I.. My life would have been much easier for my children if I had only stayed in college as a young girl. I am proud that I went bact to school,this is my 5th semester. I need help,I can barely pay my rent at times,and my things are in thepawn shop.


I would tell myself to get two summer jobs and to stick with them leading up to college. My finances are poor due to the school's enviornment and constantly increasing tuition.


I would definitely tell myself to calm down and stop stressing. For me, choosing a college was a huge decision that really strained my relationship with my parents. I was and still am coping with anxiety, and I really wish I had known that everything was going to work out. I would tell myself how incredible the experience is and how fun it is to be on my own. I would also encourage myself to apply for more scholarships and try a bit harder to actually do well. I didn't realize then how expensive college is and how many little things are involved in the process, especially since I live out of state and have to pay to fly home. Finally, I would tell myself to study more and try to retain more information from my high school classes. Enrolling in Calculus II as a Freshman and trying to remember the Intermediate Value Theorem is not fun, and I feel class would be a lot easier now if I hadn't been passing notes during the last few months of senior year.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, the first thing that I would say is "you are ok, just the way you are." I would tell myself not to be intimidated by anyone's looks, money, intelligence or any other quality that I did not feel that I had, because everyone grows at their own pace, and that eventually, I would come into my own. I would tell myself to focus on my core classes during my first year and not to worry about impressing anyone. That eventually, I would realize that being a doctor was not my calling. I would also tell myself to be open to other people's lives and points of views. It is a big world and you can become better by not restricting yourself to what is normal to you. In a nutshell, I would explain to myself that college can be very challenging so, make sure that I watched what I ate, exercised, disconnected unsupportive friends and family and focused solely on campus life and getting my degree.


Work harder to make it in this life. John Carroll was the perfect choice for me.


Well, i actually always wanted to attend school and study to be a pharmacy tech. it was pretty hard before to start but now i just want to start and im so excited, the only thing i need is to get at least some money so my school could be paid off in full and i wouldnt have to worry about it.


So far the I have gained many new friendships. Also I have gotten a whole new look on the world from my college experience the school is so diverse and multicultured that I have learned alot already only in a few weeks. i feel as though the education and moral values that this school teaches me will help me prepare for my future as a doctor and make me a better person.


I have learnt to become more independent and how to live away from home. I have matured.


I learn how to be more independent and responsable. What you put into your college education is what you get out of it. I want to also show my kids that no matter what obstacles you are faced with you can over come them. When I first entered college after high school I had my first child, my main focus at that time was to provide for her, therefore i left college to get a job. I was a child that was raised on welfare, and in the projects. I want to get my child a better look at what life had to offer her, and a different enviorment. If I had to start all over I would have stayed in college. Currently I say it not to late, therefore Im ready to complete what I started.