John Carroll University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known more about the diversity of my school before I attended. While there is a lot of emphasis placed on the school's diversity, in actuality there is almost none. Conservative, White and Catholic is the majority, athletes and social drinkers fill the dorm rooms as well as the classrooms. It is not an environment that suits me as a person, and knowing beforehand would have been very helpful.


It is important that you are self-motivated both academically and socially if you attend this school. The coursework is challenging, and requires dedication. Also, although their are ways to get involved socially on campus, it is not always readily known. You need to seek out opportunities to make friends and find fun things to do on the weekend. The campus does not have as many activities as a large campus may have, so you have to work to find them!


I wish that I had known how to interact effectively within an upperclass caucasian environment. I experienced people who had never had contact with an african american and it was difficult to keep my esteem without having anyone to relate to. I wish that I had understood it to be more of a business environment and not have anticipated the social aspect that is experienced in other colleges.


I wish I knew more about what they excepted for class credits for over the summer from other schools. I wanted to take some classes over the summer at a cheaper college, but the school won't except it because of the college I was going to take them at or because the syllabus was not good enough to be excepted. I would have graduated on time if I took certain classes earlier because they were not going to be excepted from a certain school once I reached a certain credit level.


Before I came to this school, I would have liked to know that each class requires a large quantity of writing assignments. In high school, I was always told that college would be hard and I would need to study for numerous hours. However, I was not really told about the the additional writing that is involved in each class. If I would have known this ahead of time, I would have spent more time in high school preparing for the writing courses in college.


I wish I had known that the business school was very successful. I am a communications major and I would have minored in business if I would have known sooner.


I wish I would have known the importance of showing up every day for class; not just physically being there, but mentally as well. It is very important to go into each day knowing that it is important and that each day impacts the final result.


Nothing. During my visits before coming to this school they were honest about everything, so there is nothing that I wish to have known before hand.


I wish I had know that living on campus would not be as fun as I thought.


What the social life would be like.


College was going to be a lot more academically challenging than I expected it to be. If one wants to do well in a science major, it is more difficult at John Carroll than at most other universities.