John Carroll University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the size of the classes, and the overall size of the school to be the best thing about John Carroll. It allows for a close-knit environment, that is radically different from the more open-ended environment of state schools. Once one is immersed in the environment of the school, they may find themselves in long-lasting relationships with fellow students, faculty, and even those who live in close proximity to the school. It is veery rare for a university, and quite invaluable in life.


I really like the environment of the school. It's a small campus and classes are capped at about thirty, which you can't get from a big school. Almost everyone is really welcoming and friendly. There are a lot of fun events like the cookout on the quad before a football game, where everyone comes together and gets excited for the game. It's a lot of fun and feels like a big, close community.


The best things about John Carroll University is the diversity on campus. I feel that coming from all different backgrounds helps people see the world in different views. This technique helps broaden the thinking of the students and makes them more aware and knowledgable to what goes on in the world they live in. John Carroll University is a good way to meet the positives of the society we inhabit, thanks to the different people that interact with each other.


The best thing about John Carrrol is the fact that it is a small, yet diverse school. The school is comprised of many different students fom all over the world.


The best thing I consider about my school is the size because you get the personal attention that is so important when you are in a difficult class. Just as classes should, they get small and intimiate for most majors as they get higher in their concentration. It is alot easier to be noticed and to ask for help when you are in a more close knit learning enviroment rather than a large lecture hall. Also, it is harder to be absent, and no one notice it. Which I believe is a good thing.


I really like the location. It's in a safe and beautiful area, it's not in the city but Cleveland is close enough that it's an easy drive if you wanna get off campus and find something to do. There are also a lot of activities sponsored by the school so you never have to be bored. There are a lot of clubs and activities for those who want to get involved, and there are also intramural, varsity and club sports.


You learn a lot in the small classes, and although you have to go to class and work pretty hard, it's worthwhile. Meeting people at the beginning of freshman year is very easy, so take advantage and be sure to stay in contact with those you have a connection with.


Job placement, reputation, easy access to professors (most but DEFINITELY not all).




The avaliablility of resources for the students.


career placement, prestige and alumni hookups


the community


jobs after finish. close to home.


attention from professors. the friends i've made


Close to cleveland, love the people here.


Ummm....its pretty in the summer.


The academic and intellectual quality of classes and professors is extraordinary, as is the time and attention given to students.