Johns Hopkins University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Johns Hopkins University is best known for its medical program and hospital. However, every major at the university features stellar faculty and opportunities to meet new, interesting people from all parts of the world. The school boasts success in everything from a world-class hospital to a triumphant lacrosse team to an unrivaled performing arts program.


Best known for its academic prestige, Hopkins also supports the number one Biomedical Engineering program in the nation as well as an all round outstanding reputation.


I don't know if we've made it a tradition yet, but this is the third year JHU has done a "Thank You" video...and this year it was in the form of a flash mob. I love it.


Hopkins does things like First Night and Lighting of the Quads, which are annual traditions where you pretty much stand outside, mingle, and eat free food. They try to have a bunch of class-year related events, and if you go to them, I'm sure you'd have a good time with your friends.


Pre-med and men's lacrosse


JHU is best known for its science, writing, international relations programs, and is very well endowed in research related to the medical field. Though to many, it is known as a school for brainiacs and high-strung pretentious private school brats (and many times it is), JHU was the place where I learned about acapella, my love of sneaking into off-limits high towers, how to speak your mind, how to dig deep for answers, and how to rely on peers and mentors for help, even when my ego didn't allow me to. It was my fodder for growth.


Johns Hopkins is traditionally associated with producing good doctors, as it has a good educational system. For example, Dr. Gregory House from the television show House was said to have went to this school.


Medical School


Definitely the medical school. House went to Hopkins, if that gives a good example of the general opinion. That's the first thing that everyone thinks of. The second is definitely lacrosse, but games are definitely smaller than, say, USC football.


It is best known for it's Lacrosse championships and for most students pursuing to be a doctor. It is also very competitive when it comes to Pre-Medicine courses.


research and pre-med classes


For the amount of pre-med students it has.


It is best known for bringing up pre-professional undergraduates and getting them ready for grad school, law school, and especially med school.


JHU is known for it's medical school. Here at the's not that great unless you are pre-med. However, IF you are pre-med, watch out for cut throat ppl cuz there's a LOT of them! (I've heard many cases of stolen text book/ notes in the library during finals period).


Medical research and our student's "cut throatness", which isn't all that true.


Great Pre-med program, very research and hands-on learning oriented, good academic support if you make the effort to seek it out


Intense research-focused academics and a high quality student body.


The school is best known as a pre-med and hard sciences power house.


lacrosse, preparing students for graduate of future endeavors, hardcore, competitive,