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What are your classes like?

Right now I'm taking a lot of Sociology and Public Health classes and I LOVE THEM! The professors are very interested in you doing well and portray the material in a way that makes you want to come to class! I've taken classes in GECS (Global Environmental Change and Sustainability) and the intro classes for this major aren't so great but the upper levels are awesome. The History and English classes are also pretty interesting with a wide variety of classes to choose from. The class size especially when you get out of your intro level classes are very small and the professors are reading to help you when you need it! This is all coming from a humanities perspective, I can't speak for the pre-med and engineering departments!

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It depends. I've had the pre med classes and labs and they varied. I had 2 amazing professors for organic chemistry and even though they were large classes, we could ask questions during lecture. I love the social science and humanities classes I've had here. Most of those have been small but a few were also lecture like. Part of my favorite thing here being a Public Health major is that I've gotten to take classes at the grad school. It's something to look into!

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I take a bunch of "writing intensive" courses, because I'm a Sociology and Africana Studies double major. They involve a lot of discussion and a lot of research, but I really enjoy academic discussions about topics I like, even if I have to write 100 pages worth of final papers.

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