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What's the Greek scene like?

About 25% of JHU students go greek. Rush is only in the spring semester, which is great because Freshmen make friends within their class during the fall and then have the opportunity to rush if they wish. I would say Greek Life is a great addition to student life here on campus, but definitely not mandatory. I am in a sorority on campus, Alpha Phi, and I honestly love it. I consider it something I do, but not my entire life here at Hopkins. My advice to Freshmen that are considering rushing is definitely do it. Even if you decide not to join a frat/sorority you meet a ton of other Freshmen throughout the process and it is a great experience. You don't want to regret not rushing later!

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JHU is about a third Greek but it's actually a great balance. If you're not greek, you don't feel pressured or out of the loop;. Greek and non Greek hang out just fine.

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I'm not the right person to ask.

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