Johns Hopkins University Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


When they were filming scenes for "the social network" movie.I definitely tried to get in, but alas, I was told to move out of the way.


When they were filming scenes for "the social network" movie.


I had a pretty moving night this year when we held a 9/11 10th Anniversary Commemoration. People, in mass, can be extremely supportive.


It's a weekend in April that every Hopkins student looks forward to. It's essientally a huge carnival on campus where they bring in a bunch of food vendors, rides and even a beer garden (for those of age!) Normally this is one of the first really nice weekends, and with 70 and sunny weather everyone hangs out outside all weekend with friends. It's really a great time to relax and bond with friends before students crack down and start thinking about finals. During spring fair, everyone hangs out on "the beach." It's not a real beach, but it's arguably better. On any sunny and warm day, you will see students hanging out on this grassy area in front of the library where you'll commonly find frat brothers blasting music from speakers, students tanning, reading, studying or throwing a frisbee.

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