Johns Hopkins University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that is not open-minded or open to learning about diverse topics. A person that doesn't want to expand his/her thinking and ability to creatively think about topics, subjects or world events.


Someone who just wants to have a fun time in college and party everyday.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are not driven and do not have a desire to learn. The coursework is extremely difficult. The teachers know that the students here are smart and capable, so they don't make anything easy. Most teachers are often more than willing to help students who are struggling. However, if students don't take the work seriously, it is easy to get a bad grade or to fail. The students at Hopkins want to learn. They push themselves to do the best that they can.


To fit in at Hopkins everyone needs a little bit of nerdyness. If a student does not describe themself as a nerd in any way, (be it sciece or humanities) then they might have a harder time fitting in there. Also if they are not a somewhat competitive person or willing to push themselves they might have a harder time excelling at academic classes and getting involved in clubs.


To put it in simple terms, and to be brief as 100-words...if y ou are lazy then this university is not for you..well not any university is for you. if you enjoy procrastinating, slacking off, partying replaces studying in your vocabulary...then Johns Hopkins University is not the school for you.


Someone who isn't at least somewhat serious about academics.


A person should not attend this school who does not plan on working hard. This school is very cut-throat and very stressful.


Hopkins is not a place for the faint-of-heart or unfocused. Anyone planning on attending JHU must be prepared to study full-time, and work very hard for Bs. In general, however, any type of person can find a group to join and feel welcomed by at Hopkins - you see all kinds of people when walking around campus, and everyone is very friendly and welcoming (we are, after all, connected by our nerdiness).


As a student in the business program at JHU, I have been the youngest student in every class that I have been in so far. Personally, I do not mind being the "baby" of the class; however, I think some students my age could potentially feel intimidated by the older group of students in each class. Ergo, easily intimidated younger students should not attend the Carey Business School at JHU.


Anyone who is unmotivated. It takes a strong determination and work ethic to succeed here. Goodluck!


lazy, unmotivated, won't go to class, party animal, drug user, not serious, won't study, unfocused


People who don't expect to work hard or who think they can do very well without working


A person who is not willing to put personal effort into their education should not attend this school. Someone who isn't willing to go above and beyond what is required of them shouldn't either. You need to be motivated and care about your future.


If you don't want to work--don't come to Hopkins. The classes are difficult, but it is possible to do well in them--but sometimes you have to sacrifice weekend plans in order to do so.


Someone who is dedicated to his or her studies and truly wants to learn as much as possible about whatever it is that interests them--there is a lot of opportunity available, especially given our reputation.


A person who keeps to himself/herself and doesn't like to interact with others will have a difficult time staying socially in tune. There are times to remain to one's self, but there are many opportunities to get to know the people who are at school with you.


People who don't work hard. People who need a lot of pushing from some one else to accomplish tasks.


People who are not responsible, hardworking, or care about their future should not attend Hopkins.