Johns Hopkins University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about attending Johns Hopkins University is the amount of work you must put into the coursework, which may not be reflected in your final grade and GPA. It is necessary to sacrifice so much just to remain average at this school, since everyone that attends is highly intelligent and strive for the same end goal. It is especially frustrating for pre-medicine students since you must compete with the best students who are all trying to apply to a limited number of medical schools.


The work is very difficult. But hey, college is supposed to be a challenge.




There isn't that much opportunity to really get to know your instructors.


Johns Hopkin University allows Freshmen students the 'luxury' of covered grades the first semester, however, this hurts the students more than it helps them. Students begin to think that it is ok to slack off, procrastinate, and not manage their time because 'grades really do not matter'. But it is frustrating to get back on track for the next semester when you have been given a great luxury that teached you nasty habits.


Keeping up with all of your schoolwork and commitments to other activities. It is easy to not get involved, but it is even easier to get overinvolved.


The lack of a student union. Although the administration acknowledges the lack of social hang-outs on campus, and although they are trying to improve that, there is still no good place on campus for students to hang out. The lone TV lounge on campus (not located in a dorm) was converted to a study lounge. Although the new renovated buildings should have more lounges, it is yet to be seen if this will come to fruition.


The most frustrating thing about attending Johns Hopkins is the community that it's located in. Baltimore has a high crime rate. I'm not afraid on campus but even walking a few blocks over can be scary. I prefer not to really go anywhere because of this.




Some professors fail to recognize that students do things other than attend class, and so often assignments are given without a lot of time to complete them, or changes are made to assignments hours before they are due. Also, it seems like exams are scheduled very close together during the academic year, and some professors expect students to spend all their time studying for their specific class.




The teacher are not supportive. They care only about students who do well and are not willing to offer extra help to students who struggle.


That it is so research oriented. Sometimes it is obviously that the professors are there for their research and don't really care about teaching. This happens less and less as professors teach courses related to their research, i.e. this happens most in general intro courses.


Very expensive!!


The student body is majorly concentrated in the sciences and business. Earth and environmental science courses are limited, and liberal art students are required to take 12 credits of science or math, which is difficult to do because of the difficulty of all the science and math courses. The Humanities and history departments are strong, but small with limited course selections.


not enough diversity, no school spirit except for lacrosse, not enough on campus housing for upperclassman, not enough places for students to get lunch,


The administrators and staff are terrible. It seems strange that with professors so brilliant and medically inclined that health and wellness asks if you smoke and then hands you condoms on your way out when you clearly have a non drug related, non sex related illness.