Johns Hopkins University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The fact that my school is world known as a good institution. Many employers give great weight to graduates from my school. Additionally, my school has a long history of providing a first-class education to its students.


Personally, I think it's the students. Since I've already described them, I'll mention something else. The next best thing about JHU is arguably the Fresh Food Cafe (FFC). The FFC allows for students to have one of several meal plans. Mine is unlimited, so I can eat at the FFC as much as I want. It has great food that comes from local farms, so it is healthy and delicious.


The education you get is second to none. All of my professors were incredibly intelligent and talented in their fields and seemed to really care about their students. None of them ever assigned me "busy work" either. Every assignment directly contributed to my education.


The best thing about my school is that it's very well-known and therefore can offer students great opportunities that might not be available at other colleges. I've had the opportunity to hear lectures from an accomplished screenwriter and an astronaut, among others. My astronomy teacher won a Nobel Peace Prize, and our theater department is run by the actor John Astin. The professors are extremely knowledgable in their fields, thereby providing the best education possible.


Not sure - I haven't really been on too many other college campuses. I imagine the amount of free food we have, the free crafts (ie make your own road sign), etc.


The best thing about my school is the amount and accessibility to a lot of resources. I say resources because you can always find the answers to your questions by using resources. If you have a paper or project to do using the resources such as books , research, and newspaper can help you get the information you need to get the assignment done.


Great reputation, beautiful campus and campus location. Vibrant city so you are not stuck in school all the time. Convenient transportation system. RAVENS!!!!


The professors and the selection of interesting courses. I like the small campus and how easy it is to get to classes and activities


There are many opportunitites available to Hopkins students while they are current students and even after they graduate.


In high school, I went to a public school which centered on nothing but sports. The majority of its attendees were shallow athletes who knew their alphabet and how to count to ten, and not much more. When I came to Hopkins, I was blown away at the fact that theses people actually had brains in their heads, and I could have legitimate, intellectual conversations. I had never in my life been able to have such amazing conversations with people my own age.


The academic environment here is great. I can take a wide range of classes and I know that the quality of each of those classes will be great. I also know that I can pursue any academic endeavor and that there will be faculty and students that are willing to discuss the subject with me. Almost everyone I have encountered here takes pride in being intellectual.


I love the help our school offers for each class. In just about every subject, there are help sessions where TA's are there to answer any questions students might have for that subject. They are offered throughout the week at multiple times so that students can sign up according to what their schedule permits. Some of these sessions also have a maximum amount of students allowed to attend to ensure that each student gets enough attention. The professors also make themselves extremely available with convenient office hours where I've always found I get all my questions answered.


It's well known and respected adn the focus is clearly on academics. There are alot of greaterprofessors and resources for learning.


The name


The opportunities available for learning outside the class room


Job Placement. Getting a degree from Hopkins is an almost sure in anywhere.


Everyone is here to be here, not just to drink, not just to study, not just to be in college. Everyone is here because they want exactly what Hopkins offers.


The academic excellence is good because it helps to challenge many people who went through high school easily.


the academica because they will prepare us for life after college


I believe that even though Johns Hopkins University is a large school in a city setting, the best thing about or school is that every person I've met wants you to do well and succeed. Everybody is extremely nice and I get along with students and faculty to the point where I am surprised at how friendly everyone is. No one cares about ethnicity, financial background, gender, religious views, or anything, if you are a nice person you will get along with everyone.


The connections are absolutely fantastic. When I mention that I go to Johns Hopkins, I get immediate respect from anyone involved in the healthcare community. As a result, I have been able to land terrific internships and opportunities in hospitals.


Among my friends, there is no lack of exciting, intellectual conversation, nor is there a lack of excting, crazy partiers.


The best thing about Johns Hopkins was that while learning from some of the most qualified professors in the world, you also learn how to be an adult, to challenge yourself and fulfill your full potential in life. Hopkins forces its students to take a leap of faith into the unknown. You really dont know if you are going to suvive the experience, but when you do you feel like a new person that can surive anything the world throws your way.


The advanced start in my carrer and general knowledge I will have from graduating from here.


The Baltimore community because there are so many ways to get involved around here.


There's a good variety of people. If you're social at all, you will definitely find a niche. The frat scene is there but its not overwhelmingly big so there's a lot of choice for you social life.


Knowing it is a highly regarded academic institution yet small enough to get individual attention.


the academics, the classes, the professors


Diversity, professors, challenging


I like the fact that as we are meeting new people each day, we are networking. These are the people that might get us that job or that big break that we will be looking forward to in the future. And they also may be working with us in the future. It is a very small sort of family environment which can be nice at times and you also never feel like no one knows who you are. Everyone knows who you are, so there should be no reason to be ignored.


The best thing about attending Johns Hopkins is the reputation that it has throughout the world. I enjoy all my fellow students who attend Hopkins and can easily relate to me intellectually. It has always been my desire to live and study along others who have the same academic and career goals as I do. The high quality of education that I am receiving now plays into the reputation that Hopkins has, and therefore, is the best thing about my school.


Its a small school so its easy to get involved and succeed in groups.


great campus, perfect size, good opportunity for research