Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are fun and hard working, they are very motivated in their studies and they are looking forward to earning their degrees and getting out into the industry.


There is a wide range if students here, they range from almost apathetic to highly motivated, it you find the right kids to associate with you can excel tremendously.


My classmates are diverse, artistic, energetic, and passionate people who have a drive to succeed within the culinary field.


My classmates are determined to fufill their dreams, everyone is positive of their future.


My classsmates were energetic, competitive, and full of energy to learn more on their levels of expertise.


My classmates share the same drive and passion for cooking. We walk into class at 7am more then happy to be there and we love every second. We learn from each other and feed off of each others excitment to create some of the best dishes I have tasted in my life. Together we congradualate and criticise all for the benefit of each other's success.


My classmates are very helpful and open-minded.


They are all hardworking and want to be able to go far in life.


My classmate’s network well together this is a unique quality we share.


All of my classmates are very nice and easy to talk to. It is a very small and tight-knit school, so everyone knows each other. They are all easy to get along with and outgoing. Everyone is very creative, artsy, and has their own very distinct personality.


Most are very driven that have their work done and don't put up with slackers in their groups, and have no problem letting them know they are not doing their share of the work and need to step it up.


My classmates are not really all that great, they mostly sit in class, hear lecture, answer questions now and then, and BARELY communicate with other students (at least in class).


My classmates are young adults who want to find more of themselves in the world.


My classmates are like my brothers and sisters.


My classmates are all students that aspire to be business professionals after college whether in be in the Hospitality industry, Culinary Arts, or Baking and Pastry.


My classmates are motivated and passionate about being at Johnson and Wales University.


The students of Johnson and Wales are very focus, driven and determined to be successful.


My classmates are very excited about learning everything there is to offer.


My classmates are very knowledgable in class and seem to have a lot of experience in the field. People are nice, polite and helpful.


My classmates are creative.


My classmates are kind, caring individuals who always help out when needed. They lend a hand to everyone around them.


My classmates are all unique and all interesting.


Some are concentrating and some are here for the wrong reasons


Classmates vary. In most instances, they are very cool to be around. I am the type of individual who can make friends easily and quickly so I do not have any problems with most people. However, I will admit that this school does have a lot of snotty-nosed stuck up kids that think they know everything. Also, it's not hard to pick out those individuals who come from families with money (the spoiled kids who get money from mommy and daddy). Overall, it's alright though. I dont mind, it's whatever to me. Just here to learn.


my clasmates are kind respectful honest and great listeners and workers.


Most of them are very driven in their major-related classes and there is a lot of diversity, especially in age and background.


An ecletic group of people from all over the world, while most are very focused some are there just to say the went to college, but one thing we have in common is the high tuition. Most of the student groups and activies are student run so they fit just about anyone. It is hard to feel left out at JWU we are a community.


My classmates are very helpful and friendly.


Friendly and interested in the same things as I am


My classmates are Globally Oriented and well rounded.


My classmates for the most part, are willing to learn, and are actively engaged in the material that we learn, and are always friendly, and are also open to new and creative ideas.


Friendly, in lab classes you feel like family.


From all backgrounds and cultures.


My class mates are smart and well aware of what is needed to succeed.


A very interesting group of people.