Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Johnson & Wales University is known for its helpfulness and endless opportunities they offer for students who still attend the school and also for those who have graduated. It is always nice to know that the school you attain your undergraduate degree from, will still help you once you have graduated. They offer internships that are a part of the curriculum, get you out and hands on with things that have to do with your major. It is also known for a well-mannered student body and amazing staff of professors.


Our school is best known for it Culinary Art & and Bakery & Pastry Program.


My school is best known for Culinary Arts; many people don't even realize that Johnson & Wales offers other majors.


My school is best known for culinary arts.


My school is best known for their culinary program and also professional behavior of the people that graduate due to the fact that they insist that we carry our self in that manner.


My school is best known for Culinary Arts. Everytime someone hears about a student going to Johnson and Wales University, they think that that student is a culinary student.


The school is known for its Business major students, but lately culinary students have overpopulated the university. The fact that there are more culinary students than any other major is starting to travel by word of mouth.


Culiniary Arts


my school is best known for its culinary arts program


I think my school is best known for culinary arts. Whenever me and my friends go somewhere, and they notice that we are college students they always say "Oh you go the Johnson and Wales the culinary school." It's not just culinary but pastry too. People are really impressed with the fact we have the first floor open windowed so they can really see what its like on the other side of the dining room, and see how classes are structured.


Johnson and wales is best known for its culinary program.


Culinary Hospitality is what my school is best known for. When you think of culinary schools Johnson and Wales University is always at the top of the list. Some of the best chefs in the world have walked through those halls and have learned so much. Their careers and their success speak for itself. It is because of them that the school is what it is today, and why they are known thorughout the world for culinary hospitality.


Johnson & Wales is best known for its Culinary Programs. Next in line would be the Business aspect of this school. Though this school offers degree's in other fields, they often get overlooked because of the reputation of being "a top culinary school".


My school is best known for it culinary arts and hotel management programs.


One of the best culinary arts school in America. Very prestigious in the culinary arts feild.


My school is best known as a career focused school majoring in business, hospitality and culinary arts.


Culinary Arts.


JWU is best known for placing an emphasis on teaching material that is used in the real-world. The school prepares us for what we will experience and encounter as professionals.


Culinary arts, and buisness is this schools strongest career focus.


Culinary Arts