Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing is that the walk from the Academic building to the campus apartments is really creepy, no matter what time of day it is.


I think the worst thing is that the walk from the Academic building to the campus apartments is really creepy, no matter what time of day it is.


The organization of anything non-culinary related is not good, anything invloving financial aid, resident life, health services, ect. Good luck with those.


The worst thing about my school is how expensive it is. There are so many intellectual kids out there that would love to go to Johnson & Wales, but will not be able to afford it. They could bring great things to the school, but they won't be able to go because it's so expensive.


The worst thing about my school is that Johnson & Wales University is a small campus and everbody knows who you are. There is no privacy at all if you're live on campus. Just be careful what you do and be mindful on campus. The cafeterina food is nasty on the weekends. Sometime the food won't taste right. My campus doesn't have any college spirit when it comes to sports.


The worst thing about my school is that it is a small campus, that may be fine for some people, but I don't like it. Honestly my school reminds me of high school because everyone knows each other's business and word can travel around fast. I didn't have a problem making friends my first year but I soon learned that I had to kind of watch what I did or said around certain people because drama can start up really fast. My advice would be to focus on school first then think about making friends.


The worst thing about my school is its security. We constantly have to scan our cards to get in and out of anywhere and if we want a guest to visit, it has to be during certain hours and you have to check them in every time you go to your room. It makes sense for safety purposes, but it is also incovenient.


The students who don't care and bring the spirit of our school down.


I dont consider anything to be bad about my school, I enjoy the habit and the teacher. I'm egar to expand my knowlodge here at Johnson And Wales. The campus provides good security and a good environment for learning.


That would be sort of difficult to decipher at this moment since I start classes on March 5, 2013


The worst thing about our school is that are quick to put a hold on your schedule. if you don't have a certain paper they put a hold which hinders us from signing up for classes


If I had to pick one negative aspect about my school I would say the size. While most people strive to have the smaller campus and smaller classes, which I do enjoy, I feel a larger campus and multiple college students aid in creating the college experience students wait years for to have.


Having so many students with a lot of questions can be a burden. The worst thing about my school is if you have a question about something whether its about your financial aid or academic standing , it takes your assigned advisor a while to get back to you.


The worst thing I consider about my school is the residential life. The school does not have enough on campus housing for upper classmen which forces them to live off campus after your freshmen year. In the long run living off campus may end up being cheaper, but after you add transportation to school everyday and parking uptown it can get a little inconvenient.


I feel the dining hall could be improved. The food isn't the best, and being at a Culinary college that should change.


what i consider the worst thing about my school would have to be how small it is. I do not like that all of the classes are in just two buildings , if we had more room for more bulidings then we could have more students and become a big university.


That the administration gives the students the run-around even with simple matters. It is highly disorganized.


The only bad thing I can think of is that the school is not as close to home as I wish it was.


My school does not have any type of fraternity, or sorority. Its not just that, we don't even have a football team. Which means no home coming, no real sporting events, and nothing to really bring us together to show some sort of school spirit. There is a college right down the road and we don't even really know them . I would say that at least a fourth of my class left this year from being bored and having nothing to do. This is the worst thing about my school because there is no unity.


The worst thing about this school is some of the people of that are accepted don't know anything about culinary. I kind of wish that this school would be have higher standards of learning. I know people come to this school to learn but there are some basics that people should already know. I am apart of the honors program too but i still have some classes with people who shouldn't be in college.


Way Too Small. Everyone knows your business.


Nothing really, they give you everything you need. You just have to work hard for it and not be lazy.


At Johnson & Wales University located in Charlotte, North Carolina. I would consider to be the worst thing about Johnson& Wales Univeristy-Charlotte is not having fraternities and sororities. All the other three campuses have fraternities and sororities and we pay the same amount for tuition and we are in a small town and on the weekends there is really not much to do. I understand that Johnson & Wales University is Career driven but we as student want to experience the fun side of college an d express ourselves with something a little extra so that we can enjoy college more.


The school doesn't have enough housing for everyone.


Because Johnson & Wales is so career-centered it does not give a large amount of opportunity to submerge students into outside cirriculums. The school would benefit, for example, by an arts program. The fine arts in themselves offer supplemental experience regardless of one's course of study. This is one benefit that as a secondary educational venue, Johnson & Wales has not taken advantage of at the expense of the students.


One of the few problems I have with this school is that most of your credits you earn they are not transferable to any other college unless its a Johnson & Wales school. To most people that I have spoken with, it feels like they are stuck here if they don't like it here. They don't want to waste there money so they feel forced to finish out there degree.


How much it cost to attend but they try to work something out with you


I feel that it is very expensive.