Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who has a love for what it is that they major in at Johnson and Wales. The job opportunities that this school is geared around is amazing. They get you prepared for the workforce in what it is that you want to do post-graduation.


The poeple who should attend this school are those who want to learn everything and anything about the culunary and hospitality industry. and those people who are better in learning with hands on activities.


A career focused indiviual who prefers a nontraditional education where you get experience in your major courses from day one . You also prefer a lot of hands on and opportunities to travel abroad and to experience the business world. If you love the city-life. It's a very small campus so if you are expecting a college life full of football games, sororites-fraternities houses, pool, etc... this school is not for you.


A person interested in attending this school must be focused. It is a rigorous course schedule and requires alot of determination and self control. Six hour classes starting at 7:30 in the morning are not for everybody and in order for one to succeed, this must be their dream otherwise they will wear themselves out in the first couple of weeks. It is an experience of a lifetime and oppurtunity to attend this school. I would reccomend it to anyone interested in the hopsitality or culinary field.


A fun outgoing student that focuses on school work and career focused jobs should attend JWU.


Commited to their future, willing to work hard and put in the effort to succeed. Need to beable to work in groups and willing to put in the time for out of class work.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is after a dream. Someone who want to take college and his or her major very seriously.


A p erson that should attend this school is a person that is williing to do the best that they can do and go that extra mile.


The kind of person that should attend Johnson & Wales University is defantly a passionate and self-motivated person. For one because its not at all easy but if this is their passion they will motivate themselves to work hard and take extra messures to succeed. Therefore a passionate and self motivated person will get the best experience from this school so they will be the better person for the school.


Hard working and business oriented students are the best for this type of enviorment.


The type of person that should attend Johnson & Wales University is, someone that has no limit to what they learn. Someone who follows rules and someone who doesn't quit in the middle of something. Johnson & Wales doesn't play games. Their serious and so should you.


Someone who is very seriously comitted to baking and pastry. A person who is dedicated and wants to build on their talents, would love this school. A person who is very artistic in every day life and can bring that quality out in their work.


A person who is strong willed and dedicated. They need to have a passion for what they are getting into and want to learn more.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone looking for a career in Hospitality or the food industry.


Someone who doesn't need the big campus life. Someone who likes diversity and knows what they want to study in school within the Hospitality, Culinary, or Business colleges. People who are professional, cultured, opinionated, leaders, and willing to sacrifice big campus life, fraternaties, sororities, D1-3 College Atletetics for focused career-oriented learning.